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Wrigley’s fourth birthday

Today our sweet pup Wrigley is four years old, making him officially an adult dog. Not going to lie, I’m not totally happy about that. He may be another year older, but we’ll always call him our pup no matter how old he gets. He’s our best bud, sheriff guard dog, food stealer, and belly rub beggar.

In honor of his birthday, Wrigley and I went on an extra long walk this morning. He’s currently napping on our bed while he recovers from our 2.5 miles and dreaming of the deer he barked at. What a ruff life.

During our walk at Phil Hardberger Park

During our walk at Phil Hardberger Park

Happy and tired pup after our walk

Happy and tired pup after our walk

After our walk, I made some homemade dog treats for Wrigs. We had some cute new treat cookie cutters thanks to my friend and Wrigley’s Tia Priscilla.

Wrigley's favorite ingredient: peanut butter

Wrigley’s favorite ingredient: peanut butter

Are the treats ready yet?

Are the treats ready yet?

Birthday treats

Birthday treats

Happy birthday, pup. We sure do love you.

Mr. Wrigs turns three

Celebrating Wrigley's birthday

Celebrating Wrigley’s birthday

Last week, our best bud Wrigley turned three. This little guy adds so much to our lives, from his happy (and slightly spastic) energy whenever we come home to his not so charming habit of stealing or biting a chunk out of the toilet paper (not cool, Wrigs). His third birthday also marks the one year anniversary of when I first started making homemade treats for Wrigley and I have to say, I love it. I’m not sure if Wrigley realizes the effort, but I can tell he loves how they taste over his regular treats! This year, I made him some muffins I found on Pinterest (of course). This recipe had a few ingredients I know Wrigley enjoys: yogurt, apples and cheese. Sounded like a winner to me!

Apples: one of Wrigley's favorite foods

Apples: one of Wrigley’s favorite foods

I'm convinced Wrigley knows when I'm cooking for him

I’m convinced Wrigley knows when I’m cooking for him

It’s safe to say Wrigley enjoyed his treat… when I tried serving one of the muffins to him properly on a plate so I could get a cute picture, he snatched it up, ran to the rug and tried eating the whole thing in one bite (note to self: make mini-muffins next time so our glutton of a dog doesn’t choke himself). We have since then cut the muffins into thirds and are trying to portion control Wrigley’s indulgences… not sure if he appreciates that! Happy birthday, pup!

The muffins were definitely a hit!

The muffins were definitely a hit!

Doggie Treats

As I mentioned in my last post, my big Christmas gift this year was a KitchenAid mixer from Chip. I’ve wanted one for a while and always loved using the one my mom has back home in Arizona. So needless to say I was so excited to get my own! Chip chose one in a beautiful cinnamon red… I’m kind of obsessed with it.

The beautiful KitchenAid Mixer

I have been anxious to use it since opening it Christmas morning. I thought about baking some cookies for us, but decided instead to reward Wrigley. While he was pretty terrible the weeks before Christmas (as in trying extra hard to get into things he shouldn’t be as well as stealing food…), he’s been so sweet and gentle the last week or so which makes me forget all of his terrible ways. We had also received some doggie biscuit cookie cutters from Chip’s mom for Christmas, so I thought it would be great to make some treats for Wrigley. We love giving him his beloved Beggin’ strips, but I had been wanting him to snack on something a little healthier so thought homemade treats would be a fun alternative to try. So this past Tuesday, I made him some peanut butter doggie treats. Wrigley loooves peanut butter, so I found a quick recipe online that I thought he would enjoy. The only change I made to this recipe is that I didn’t cook it as long; the first batch I made, I did the full 40 minute baking time and they came out a bit burnt and too dark and crispy. So the rest of them I baked at about 24 minutes and they turned out a lot better.

Doggie Biscuit Cutters

Wrigley patiently waiting for his treats

The KitchenAid mixer got this recipe done so quickly. It works like a charm! I thought about baking a couple of batches of these biscuits for Wrigley just so I could use my mixer more, but decided one batch was enough for him and am now deciding what to bake for Chip and myself so I can whip out my mixer again :)

Dog bones, squirrels and fire hydrants

Wrigley loves his treats!