Random Tidbits

Our Three Year Anniversary:

Three Year Housiversary:

Spring Love:

God Bless Texas:

Happy Valentine’s Day:

Thoughts on Blogging

Saving Mr. Captain Phillips Survivor American Hustle Osage County

Sorry, Frosty:

Thankful For: Home:

Thankful For: Community

Thankful For: Music

Thankful For: Travel:


A New Chapter:


katygirldesigns.etsy.comCrest Halloween Prank

Cheers for Chip:

Dove “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”

March Madness

April Fool’s Day:

Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX

Recent Happenings:

Les Miserables

Fun and Chaos in the Nance Household:

Golfing with the Behams:


Peppermint Hot Chocolate:

Redeemer Fall Festival:

Five Years Ago…:

Hello, 2012

“You Sneaky Mom!”

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