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Farewell, 1960s Bathroom

Finally. After a little over two years in our home, we are finally getting to re-do our bathroom. We’re so excited at the thought of having a new bathroom by Sunday night (if everything goes smoothly, knock on wood). I may open a bottle of champagne at the end of this.

When we first bought our home in April of 2011, Chip and I really liked the unique layout the house had and all of the great windows for some natural light. But it’s an old home, so we quickly noticed how small the closets were (hooray for being bigger consumers than our previous generations) and how ugly the one bathroom was. I promise I’m not exaggerating. While other parts of the house had been updated over the years, the bathroom had been left to stay in the 1960s with light yellow hexagon floor tile and shiny black wall tile throughout. My first thought when we saw the house was “whoa, looks like a bumblebee”, and that was followed shortly by “I wonder if I could find a way to paint this tile on Pinterest” (if you’re curious, the answer is yes). However, we left the bathroom alone, buying a few floor mats to cover the yellow tile as best we could for the time being. As I’ve mentioned before, Chip and I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to home improvement projects. I may have a vision of how I want a room to look, but we definitely need help getting there.

We have a pretty clear idea of what we want the bathroom to look like and we’re so excited to remodel this weekend. But don’t worry, we’ve got reinforcements coming in to help us! That’s right, the master-tiler himself known as my father and his trusty helper (my mom) are coming in to town to help us with this project. To prep for this weekend, my dad has been great at giving us (really just Chip) prep work to do and has checked on our (really Chip’s) progress during a few Skype sessions over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been so impressed at how Chip has jumped into this project and has already removed most of the tile in the bathroom.

We’ve got plenty of work to do this weekend once my parents get in. Get excited to see all the nasty yellow and black tile out and replaced by much prettier floor tile, beadboard along the walls, freshly painted walls, and a new vanity, shower/tub and commode. Wish us luck!!

Here are some pictures I’ve been looking at for inspiration…