Daily Archives: November 13, 2013


There’s a question Chip and I like to ask each other at any random point: “what are you thinking?”. It’s not meant as a rude question or anything, but just a fun way to try to step into each other’s mind and see what the other person is literally thinking at that exact moment. We’ll ask this question on long road trips, while watching TV, having dinner, or anytime Chip catches me staring off into space without blinking (my contacts really hate it when I do that). A surprising amount of the time I’ll answer the question with “I don’t know.” It’s not that I’ve managed to turn my thoughts off, it’s really the opposite. Sometimes there are so many different thoughts going on in my head that I can’t pinpoint exactly what I’m feeling or verbalize one concise thought that sums everything up. I’ve always admired how articulate Chip can be when my brain feels like a giant game of Scrabble on some days.

I really appreciate seeing simple, honest quotes on Pinterest. I came across this one the other week and it has been such a great reminder and comfort. I’m grateful to have a God that is ever present and ever constant, despite how things around me may change.