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Six Flags Fiesta Texas

After a busy start to June, Chip and I got to spend part of last weekend with some of his family that we hadn’t seen since Christmas. Saturday morning, Chip’s mom drove in with her husband Don, their granddaughter Julianne and Chip’s brother Dale. They still live in Corpus Christi (where Chip is originally from), which is about a two hour drive from San Antonio. Sue and Don hadn’t seen our house since we bought it last spring, so we were happy to show them the place we call home. They got in town early in the morning and we got the day started by having breakfast at the new location for Magnolia Pancake Haus, which is closer to our home and also on the way to Six Flags Fiesta Texas which is where we were going to spend most of the day.

Day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We got to Fiesta Texas shortly after they opened and were surprised at how crowded it already was. It seemed like the rest of San Antonio had the same idea we did! We spent most of the morning and early afternoon going on different rides with Dale, who definitely enjoys a good rollercoaster, while Sue and Don took Julianne to the water park and on the different kid rides. All of the lines were pretty long, but the waiting was worth it! We got to go on the new ride, SkyScreamer, and also rode the Superman (definitely one of our favorites!), Road Runner Express and the Twister. By early afternoon, the heat was getting to be a bit too much, so Chip, Dale and I left the park to go get food for dinner while Sue, Don and Julianne spent some more time in the kid-section of the park.

We had already bought most of the food needed to grill fajitas for dinner, we just needed to go pick up the meat. For those in San Antonio looking for good, tasty fajita meat, look no further than Bolner’s Meat Market. Hands down some of the best fajitas we’ve ever had. Their meat is pre-seasoned and super easy to grill. Needless to say dinner was delicious and went perfectly with another one of our homemade gelatos and homemade chocolate chip cookies that Sue and Julianne made! The day was busy, but we had a great time with Chip’s family. We’re grateful they made the drive over to see us!