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To do list… done! (kind of…)

Apart from my anticipation for the Christmas holiday, I had been looking forward to the past week off of work for the opportunity to tackle an always growing list of projects we have for around the house. For some reason, we just haven’t made the time to get through many of the items on our list. Well, let’s be honest. It’s not always very high on our priority list by the time the weekend comes along. So while my employer Bromley was closed for the holidays, it was time to get to business. First on the list was finishing our wedding scrapbook. We already had a beautiful wedding album made from our photographer, West Vita, but it only included about 50 of our favorite pictures from the day… out of a total of approximately 400 pictures. Since we loved literally just about all of our pictures I wanted to make a simple scrapbook with the rest of our pictures. I got started on this project about two months ago, but turns out the paper I had originally started with was being discontinued. Fabulous. So it was back to square one to find new paper for the scrapbook and then start over. So while Chip was at work this past week I cranked through this and have now finished! I love this giant scrapbook and all of the wonderful pictures that captured moments from our wedding day. Here are a couple of shots of the completed project!

Opening page in the scrapbook - Save the Date and Wedding Invitation

Included our wedding program and lyrics for "In Christ Alone" in the scrapbook

Some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day

More pages in the scrapbook

Our biggest project over the Christmas break was to finally sort through our back spare room. This room is technically the enclosed garage and actually one of the bigger bedrooms in the house. Initially things were organized in there while we were receiving wedding gifts in the mail with each corner of the room assigned to another room of the house (i.e., we had the kitchen corner, bathroom corner, etc.). Well, while we were moving in, anything and everything got stored in here. We’ve been wanting to get through this room for a long time, but the task always seemed so daunting and neither of us wanted to take the initiative on starting. So, while I’m extremely ashamed to show what we were working with, here’s how the room looked at the beginning of our cleaning….

Terrible mess!

Awful, I know. But we would just keep the door to this room closed and pretend it never existed. That’s the healthy thing to do, right? Well, it took us most of the day on New Years Eve, but little by little, we were making progress on getting this stuffed cleared out.

Not too much better...

Making progress!

So much more space!

This is where we ended! We still have a little bit more sorting to do, but we now have a visible room to work with, which is something we couldn’t say three days ago. Our goal is to turn this into a guest bedroom/entertainment room, so with the near completion of cleaning out this room, we now have a list of things to keep an eye out for on Craigslist. We also learned by sorting through this endless pile of stuff the value of learning to live with less. It’s amazing to think how easy it can be to accumulate unnecessary things. We have now both committed to try and live with less and give away items we don’t really need. So ultimately, after now having this room somewhat organized, we’re excited to one day have it furnished!

The final item on our to-do list was to get frames for the canvases we had bought on our honeymoon, which was a 12 day Mediterranean Carnival cruise (the best time of our life). While we were on the cruise, Chip and I wanted to bring back souvenirs that we could put throughout our new home to remind us of this amazing trip, so we bought a few paintings off of street vendors in the various cities we were fortunate to visit. Now, we did not realize it would be a task in itself to get these framed. We quickly learned that:

  1. These paintings were all irregular sizes. Searching at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and online showed us that we would need to order custom frames (ugh).
  2. Even if you could find a frame, a canvas painting cannot be kept behind glass or it will mold. Canvas paintings also have to be stretched out so they hang straight, so we really couldn’t hang these ourselves on the cheap even if we wanted.

Unfortunately, custom framing wasn’t a part of our budget when we first got married. Now that it’s been eight months it was time to pick out some frames for these paintings. We had originally looked at frames at Michael’s, but weren’t too crazy about their pricing options. So this afternoon, we spent some time at Hobby Lobby’s framing department. Their friendly framing expert Karen really helped us out and guided us as we picked out some great frames. They’ll have everything ready for us in two weeks and then we’ll finally get to put these paintings up!

I was also hoping to do a lot of baking/cooking during my time off, but maybe it’s a good thing for our waistlines that I didn’t get to do as much of this as I had intended. The only baking I got to do for us was some delicious milk chocolate cookies, courtesy of the Martha Stewart cookie book. I may like these more than regular chocolate chip cookies… crazy talk, I know, but you should try these for yourself and see if you agree.

Homemade milk chocolate cookies

Hope 2012 is off to a great start for everyone!!