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Thankful For: Music

If there’s one thing that can instantly impact my mood (besides a giant piece of dark chocolate), it’s music. I love how music can make me want to dance, to rest, to cry, to sing along in an obnoxiously loud voice in my car. Music can comfort me and encourage me. It doesn’t matter the kind of music, I just about love it all. I grew up playing the piano and will always appreciate classical music. My inner teenager never grew up, so I can’t resist catchy pop songs (I’m looking at you, TSwift). Car rides with my dad taught me to love Van Halen, while my mom plays Michael Buble. This past month has been wonderful with the constant Christmas music on my Pandora and Spotify stations.

It isn’t very profound, but today, I’m thankful for music and all of the memories it recalls and emotions it creates.

As always, feel free to share what you’re thankful for!