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Things I love: beautiful advertising

Working in the advertising industry has changed how I view commercials. Sure, I liked them before (studied marketing for a reason), but I enjoy watching TV and seeing commercials and asking myself “I wonder what their brief was… that was a good insight… who do they think their target is?” Nerdy, I know. But I can’t help it. While I love funny, clever ads (looking at you, Old Spice), my favorites are always the simple, beautiful ads that get me a little teary eyed. They don’t feel like a sales pitch being shoved down your throat and very few even have a voiceover. These stay with me far longer than the 30 or 60 seconds they’re on air. Below are some of my favorites. If you’re a sap like me, you may need a tissue for some of them.

This new ad from Guinness beer is powerful. Love how it is so different from other beer ads and shows that men are more than just sports watching guys who like girls in bikinis.


Google. An all-time favorite. Guaranteed to make my little chin quiver at the end.


I love dogs, so of course this Pedigree campaign got me all choked up. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as a Sarah McLachlan PSA.


So simple. So great. VW always has some amazing work.


I love the Olympics for many reasons, but this P&G campaign was one of the highlights for me. Definitely made me think of a particular mamma bear I know ;)

Sure, advertising is meant to push sales. But it really is something special when it can turn into something so beautiful.