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February visit

We just wrapped up a great weekend with my parents and my heart is so very full. I am so grateful that we’re getting to see them more outside of just regular holiday trips! These more frequent visits definitely make the 800-plus miles between us a bit more manageable. My parents flew in this past Thursday afternoon so we met them after work for a Valentine’s double date. After brainstorming some of our favorite restaurants for dinner throughout the last week, we decided we would go to Paloma Blanca; while my mom had been there once before with us during a wedding planning trip a couple years ago, my dad hadn’t experienced their tasty food yet. Fun story about Paloma Blanca: Chip and I actually had our very first date on Valentine’s Day 2007 and he had intended for us to go to Paloma Blanca together. He went to the restaurant the week before to talk to the seating hostess and see if he should make reservations for the two of us. She told him not to worry, we shouldn’t have a problem at all getting a table that night. Fast forward a few days later to our first date. We walk into the restaurant and it really couldn’t be any more full. We squeeze our way towards the seating hostess and ask for a table for two… she tells us the wait is three hours. Needless to say we didn’t get to eat dinner there that night, but instead eventually made our way over to a great dinner at Paesano’s. With this story in the back of our minds, we made it a point to not only make reservations for this past Thursday, but to also call and confirm, just in case. Thankfully there were no snags in the evening and we enjoyed a great dinner together.

Friday morning, my parents came over to the house for breakfast before we split up for the day. The guys would be going golfing while my mom and I would get some shopping done. If you’re seeing a pattern in our time spent with my family, it usually involves golfing and shopping at some point! My dad and Chip were joined by our friends Matt and Curtis and had a great time at La Cantera’s Palmer Course.

The Palmer Course

Great day for golfing!

Dad enjoying the golf course

Dad enjoying the golf course

While the boys were away, my mom and I were significantly productive with our time. We started out at Home Goods (where we got some awesome garden pots on sale!), browsed Kirklands, enjoyed a President’s Day sale at World Market, and then made our way over to La Cantera. We were enjoying some easy and relaxing shopping at Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma and Nordstrom, but the day was made during our time at J.Crew. When we first started shopping on Friday, I was hoping to find a dress for our friends Riley and Becca’s wedding this coming May, but we weren’t having much luck. So we went into J.Crew with few expectations, but that’s when we met Tucker, one of the store’s stylists. Let me tell you, Tucker knows J.Crew’s inventory perfectly. He put together such great outfits and any little suggestion he made polished everything up. Thanks to his help, we not only found a dress for our friends’ wedding, but also for my brother’s college graduation, my cousin’s daughter’s baptism and any other events that come up for us in the next few months! I feel like our experience at J.Crew with Tucker is what people on What Not to Wear feel when they shop with Stacy and Clinton. I loved it.

We all decided to have some fish tacos at home for dinner, so after leaving La Cantera in the best of spirits, my mom and I stopped by HEB to get all the necessary ingredients. I’m a big fan of a mango salsa we’ve made a couple of times now, so check out the recipe at the bottom of this post if you’re interested. After dinner, my parents hung out with us for a bit while we played Spades (thanks, Matt, for teaching us how to play!). Like any other game we play with my family, my dad tried pushing the different rules to the limits and kept us all laughing (and shaking our heads) throughout the game.

Fish taco time

Fish taco time

Saturday was a very full day in Fredericksburg, so stay tuned for more on our day there!

Mango Salsa Recipe: (modified from Simply Recipes)


  • 1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted and diced
  • 1/2 medium red onion, finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
  • 3 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 3 tbsp diced red cabbage
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Golfing with the Behams

About a month ago, we did a couple’s golf outing with the Behams… to answer your question, no, I’m not a golfer. I’ve golfed once before with my dad and brother and lasted about 13 holes. Haley played a little bit in high school and has a pretty awesome set of pink clubs from it. But that’s about as far as our golfing skills go. However, our husbands really enjoy playing and had been suggesting how fun it would be for all four of us to go together. Haley and I decided to give it a shot (although we did think about packing some mimosas for ourselves) and went off to golf with Matt and Chip.

Considering our inexperience, the boys wanted to make sure we spent some time at the driving range to warm up. I’m hoping it improved our game a little bit and that I would have played even worse without those practice swings. We were able to take our time for the first few holes, but then we started to hold up the people playing behind us, so Haley and I stuck to the par-three’s and occasional swings while the guys actually played at a much faster pace than the two of us. Haley and I left after the first nine holes since it was getting pretty warm and we were in need of some Sonic drinks (yes, need) and left the boys to finish the rest of the holes.

While we didn’t play more than a total of three holes each, we did have a lot of fun. I have to say, a golf swing feels pretty awkward, but I did get a couple of good shots in, as well as a lot of unintentional practice swings (those golf balls are a lot smaller than I realized!). Haley had much more success than I did; guess those high school golf years paid off :)

It did feel like the golf course was against us and trying to kick us out a couple of times. Exhibit A: while driving by Haley’s golfball and trying to scoop it up without stopping, she accidentally rolled out of the cart. Pretty funny, but it did cause a small grass stain on her jeans. Exhibit B: while teeing off on one hole, we received many ant bites. It would only be a slight exaggeration to say we were attacked.

Haley’s bitten foot

Exhibit C: one of my golf balls got to a particular wet and muddy part of grass. Our cart was struggling to drive through it, so I walked out to get my golf ball and stepped into so much mud. Wasn’t very happy about my dirty shoes and jeans!

Didn’t know a golf course could be so muddy

Exhibit D: it was just way too hot for a Saturday in October.

Hopefully we didn’t drive Matt and Chip too crazy while golfing with them. I have noticed they haven’t invited us out again… coincidence?

The boys golfing while Haley and I watched from the cart