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Weekend in San Francisco

Check it out, the last post on our trip to California in October! If you’ve read all of these posts (here, here, and here), and we’re not related, bless your kind soul.

While planning this trip, we intentionally decided to spend the first part of our trip in Napa so we could avoid the large crowds in the tasting rooms, and also so we could enjoy the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco on Saturday. It may sound weird to plan a trip to such a big city around a farmer’s market, but it truly is incredible. Between the Ferry Building and the plaza behind it, there are rows of booths with fresh produce, stores with candles and ceramic bowls, and lots of yummy food stands. We stocked up on a few picnic items for the afternoon and grabbed some delicious breakfast sandwiches.


Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Since we were lucky enough to have visited San Francisco two other times, we decided to skip out on walking along the Embarcadero and instead check out a new part of the city we had never visited before: Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park covers over 1,000 acres and is one of the most visited parks in the U.S. You could easily spend an entire weekend exploring all parts of Golden Gate Park. Since we only had a few hours to spare that afternoon, we chose to focus on getting a boat to view the park from Stow Lake before visiting the de Young Museum.


Golden Gate Park


Personal boat rower at Golden Gate Park


Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden


Golden Gate Park

After our time on the water, we walked over to the de Young Museum, where we had a picnic before checking out the exhibits.


Outside the de Young Museum at Golden Gate Park


Our picnic outside the de Young Museum


Inside the de Young Museum


Inside the de Young Museum


Inside the de Young Museum

We left the de Young Museum and walked back to our car so we could drive by the bison paddock on our way out of the park. Yes, bison. It was a little strange to see these large animals in the middle of a large city, even if it was in a fenced off area.

As bookends on this trip, we would only get two dinner meals in San Francisco. On our first night, we had a (very late) dinner at Tacolicious. The other restaurant we love is Coqueta along the Embarcadero and we were so excited to get reservations there for Saturday night. The environment is a lot of fun, and their food is delicious. We sat up at the bar where we were able to watch the chefs in the kitchen. Warning: if you sit in this spot, you will be tempted to order every single thing you watch them prepare. We may have been convinced to order a few tapas because of this kitchen view, but they went perfectly with our paella dinner.


Before drinks along the Embarcadero. Chip made fun of this vest when I first bought, but I still love it.


Pre-dinner drinks








Delicious paella at Coqueta

To wrap up our night in San Francisco, we went to grab a drink and dessert at Ghirardelli Square.


Chocolate martini at Ghirardelli Square


Dessert at Ghirardelli Square

We had some time Sunday morning before our flights back to San Antonio. We decided to swing by Mama’s for a hearty breakfast. It doesn’t seem to matter how early we get there, there is always at least an hour wait. This was our second time there and I have to say, I don’t totally get the hype. Yes, the food is good, but not “wait in line for over an hour” good. If you have limited time in the city, there are a lot of other great small restaurants that won’t have as long of a wait. We had hoped to drive around a few neighborhoods and check out the Painted Ladies again, but we had to eat our food pretty quickly to get to the airport on time.



Glad to see these Tai Chi classes are still going on across the street from Mama’s


The view from breakfast


Breakfast at Mama’s


Driving to the airport

After a couple of flights, we were back in San Antonio to our sweet pup who was ready for some cuddle time. We loved our time in Napa and San Francisco and hope to be back again soon!