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Amanda and Finn

It’s no secret that I love dogs. I tweet about it. Blog about it. Wrigley makes up the majority of the pictures on my phone and camera. So when other people love their dogs as much as I do, well these people are just special to me.

Over the last few months, I’ve decided that Wrigley and I could totally be BFF’s with Amanda Seyfried and her dog, Finn. Not only was Amanda hilarious in Mean Girls and sang her heart out in Les Mis, she has that beautiful Australian Shepherd, Finn. I mean come on. How cute would a play date of him and Wrigley be?

As weird as it may sound, I absolutely love seeing all of the pictures and videos she posts of Finn, how she even poses with him, and how many times Us Weekly or People will catch pictures of her walking Finn like a normal person. Way to be a normal, loving dog momma, Amanda. In a celebrity culture that’s all about reality TV shows and extravagant lifestyles (cough Kardashians cough), I appreciate seeing someone who seems so down to earth and loves her dog so unconditionally. Thanks for showing everyone how deeply we can love an animal, that these pets can be such a special part of our lives, and that they can be excellent selfie partners.

Can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

PS feel free to call me for that doggie play date. Wrigley promises to behave.