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Dinner Time

Cooking used to intimidate me… a lot. Growing up, my mom and dad always made sure we had a good meal to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then while living on campus at Trinity, the dining hall had me covered. But once I moved off campus my senior year, I was forced into the land of cooking. I’ve gotten a lot more confident in the kitchen over the last couple of years, especially the past 10 months since we got married. I was a little nervous, though, when we first got married about whether or not Chip would enjoy my cooking everyday or look forward to my dishes the way my dad does with my mom’s meals… would I find enough recipes so we wouldn’t be eating the same food every couple of weeks? Would I be good at these meals? Where would I find tasty recipes? Luckily all these fears have been put to rest. I have subscriptions to a couple of cooking magazines as well as a Pinterest food board that have given me a great range of recipes to choose from. Chip has been very open minded to me trying out different things, is always encouraging me to give recipes my own twist and has always praised my efforts. And luckily for him, my cooking has come far beyond the chicken, rice and beans that I once started with.

Spinach lasagna rolls

With that said, I have to say that this week’s dinners have been pretty tasty! Yesterday, I made some spinach lasagna rolls from a recipe I had found on Pinterest. I have a similar recipe for spinach stuffed manicotti, but I think I prefer the lasagna rolls. They just seemed to hold more substance than the manicotti shells do. And let’s be honest, I thought it was a little fun rolling the lasagna noodles up! Anyway, we had these yesterday with some salad and I know I will definitely be making these again!

One restaurant Chip and I have gone to a couple of times recently is Tiago’s Cabo Grille. Overall, the food there is really good, but we’re particularly fond of their fish tacos (and their delicious chocolate Mexican cake with vanilla cinnamon ice cream!). So while we were at Tiago’s last weekend, Chip and I were talking about the fish tacos and wondering if I could make something similar. I’ve done fish tacos before, but one thing that makes the ones at Tiago’s so good is their mango salsa. So with that, I began to Google different mango salsa recipes to put one to the test. In the end, I chose one I found on Simply Recipes that was a hit (one quick note, I made ours without cucumber or jalapeno chile)! We both really enjoyed tonight’s dinner, so it will also get added to the favorite recipe list :)

Mango salsa and avocado

Can't have a taco night without Dos XX