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Over the last year, Haley and I have become very good friends. It would be an understatement to say that her friendship has been a huge blessing to me. When Chip and I decided to stay in San Antonio after graduating in 2009, one of our reasons was to be around all our close friends. Over the years, however, many of them have moved to new places for school, jobs and many other reasons. Before we knew it, a lot of our best friends were in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC and Nashville. We now have some fun cities to visit our friends in, but we were missing quality time with other people. Since joining Redeemer Presbyterian about a year ago, we have made lots of new friendships, but our relationship with the Matt and Haley Beham is particularly special. Matt and Chip get along extremely well and it makes me so happy whenever they have “guy” time and go golfing or just hang out while Haley and I chat over some wine. Getting to know Haley this past year has been so great and I am so surprised and appreciative at how similarly God made us. Needless to say, I love it when we hang out with the Behams.

One thing Haley and I have in common is a love for the British Royal Family. We know probably a bit too much about the Queen and the beloved Will and Kate duo (we’ve joked that we’ll throw a British tea party whenever they have a child… normal, right?). So when Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton came out with her own party-planning book, Celebrate, Haley and I naturally mentioned it to each other one day and how excited we were to get ourselves a copy. Turns out we also both made a mental note to get it for each other because that is exactly what we got for our birthdays.

Chip and I went over to the Behams house last Thursday evening to go buy some wine together for our birthday dinner at Fralo’s this past Saturday. I brought in Haley’s gift and placed it on the table next to the gift she had got me. It didn’t take long to realize our gifts were the exact same size and shape… by the time we opened our gifts, we were doubled over laughing at what great taste in gifts we both have :) Luckily Chip had my phone at this point so he was able to get the next series of pictures:

Shortly after opening our gifts

With our awesome books

I have to say, this book is pretty awesome. I’ve flipped through it a few times now and have found so many recipes and party-planning tips that I can’t wait to use. I will definitely be blogging about any Pippa-inspired dishes and crafts!

A much bigger book than I had anticipated!

Holiday ideas…

Pretty page for the Summer section… love this book’s organization