A Valentine’s Day Story

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Last year, I shared the story about Chip and I’s first date. I know, having a first date on Valentine’s Day is some serious pressure. It didn’t faze Chip at all as he tried to play it cool when he asked me out eight years ago (eight years, what?!) with a simple “what are you doing Wednesday evening?” So smooth. I was recently telling some friends about another Valentine’s Day story Chip and I share. They got a good laugh out of it, so I thought I would share it here on the ol’ blog…

It was five years ago, Chip and I had been dating for three years and had graduated from Trinity that previous spring. We were at the point in our relationship where we were talking about our future together and starting to use the big m word… marriage. So when Chip started talking about Valentine’s Day plans weeks in advance, I totally read into it and thought he was dropping hints about getting engaged. Chip made reservations for us at the Grey Moss Inn, something that was definitely out of our budget. Why else would we have such a fancy dinner date on the anniversary of our first date if not to get engaged, amiright? I can’t tell you how I agonized over what to wear. Like Elle Woods said, I needed to look bridal but not like I was expecting anything. In the end, I remember picking out something simple – a fitted white long sleeve shirt, grey/silver skirt that had a bit of a sheen to it, black tights, and boots. And yes, I had my nails painted because I was totally anticipating taking pictures of my hand with an engagement ring.

We got to the Grey Moss Inn and I had jitters like it was our first date all over again. Would he do it before dinner? Nope. Maybe during the meal? Nope. Alright, surely after dinner somewhere on the grounds? Three strikes. We left dinner and Chip was acting totally normal, so I assumed he was trying to fake me out and propose when I wasn’t expecting it. For those of you that know, we got engaged a few months later in May (and I totally wasn’t expecting it, it was such a great surprise, didn’t even have my nails painted! ;)). We left dinner that Valentine’s Day, stopped by HEB to get some chocolate covered strawberries (dessert was a little too expensive at dinner), went back to Chip’s duplex that he shared with three other guys and watched The Count of Monte Cristo. I tried so hard not to be disappointed or angry at Chip for unintentionally leading me on and then not proposing, so I’m pretty sure I ate most of those strawberries myself and paid little to no attention to the (super long) movie.

I asked Chip the other day if he knew I had those expectations for that Valentine’s Day years ago… he was absolutely clueless. Bless his heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!!

After our actual engagement in May 2010

After our actual engagement in May 2010

With my parents after Chip and I got engaged

With my parents after Chip and I got engaged

Little puppy Wrigs was with us when we got engaged

Little puppy Wrigs was with us when we got engaged

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