The Gilmore Wardrobe

Who else out there has been binge watching Gilmore Girls? I’d say my marathon evenings have been pretty moderate, I’m just now starting season three. Apart from remembering how much I loved the quick-wit dialogue of the show and these wonderfully flawed characters, I’ve been reminded of how much I loved the fashion of the late 90s and early 00s. If they wouldn’t look so ridiculous, I would totally re-wear some of these trends today. After watching the first two seasons, here are some of the wardrobe choices I love most, particularly from Lorelai since Rory is always rocking that Chilton uniform:

Who doesn't love the B-52s?

Who doesn’t love the B-52s?

– The screen print tee: Who doesn’t remember wearing a shirt with some random message on it, whether it’s a bowling alley or a tribute to the B-52s. Double points for glittery screen print tees. This eventually evolved into the branded tops from American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch. Nothing like in your face logos accompanied by the name of some random beach.

– Bandanas: Sookie wears these like it’s her job. I really can’t criticize this wardrobe choice, it’s a super practical option considering she’s a chef. Cooking is impossible when your hair is all up in your face. And confession: I totally wore bandanas from Claire’s or wherever else sold them during 8th grade. My personal favorite was when I decorated a Diamondbacks handkerchief with glittery puffy paint and wore it like a headband, a la Sookie in the picture on the bottom left. #winning

So many colors, so little time

So many colors, so little time

– Choker scarves: remember when people used to wear scarves like this? It often exposed half of your neck, but all those knit patterns and stripes sure looked fancy.

Bonus points for knit scarves

Bonus points for knit scarves

– The not-quite-crop top: a Lorelai favorite, and one I never really embraced. Hello, insecure and modest 14-year old Jessica. Also, blue seems to be Lorelai’s favorite color.

Lorelai's favorite casual look

Lorelai’s favorite casual look

– Turtleneck: I’ve personally never been a big turtle neck fan, but I love how often the residents of Stars Hollow wear these.

Please note the little silver clips in Lorelai's hair. That's 2001 class, right there.

Please note the little silver clips in Lorelai’s hair. That’s 2001 class, right there.

Can I have all of these?

Can I have all of these?

– Sheep fleece lined jacket: probably the one article of clothing from the early seasons of this show that I would bring back in a heartbeat. I lived in one of these cozy and warm jackets from Aeropostale for a winter and I loved it.

The clothing definitely got better the longer the show was on air. Can’t wait to get further along in the series and see the beloved hair-flip style. You bet I did my hair like that my sophomore year of high school.  And thankfully, Dean’s hair got better, too. How could he even see anything during season 1? And let’s not forget Luke and his timeless flannel and backwards baseball hat uniform.

Do you have any favorite wardrobe moments/styles from Gilmore Girls? And please, no spoiler alerts! I never saw the end of the series and have somehow managed to not find out how it ends. Now time to get back to season three…

2 thoughts on “The Gilmore Wardrobe

  1. Lauren

    I have been catching up on GG all month, and thus reliving the early 2000’s. I followed just about all these trends, but the worst was a really awful turtleneck sweater phase. I still want Lorlei’s hair from the later seasons though.


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