God bless Texas

I’ve been in Texas for a while now. My time in San Antonio began in the fall of 2005 when I started my freshman year at Trinity. While I knew I loved Trinity’s campus, it took a while for San Antonio to grow on me. Coming from Tucson, San Antonio was huge. How many highways are in the city? Why are almost all of them under construction? How many people live here? How many restaurants say they have the best margaritas? Why is Texas the only state that can have its state flag at the same level as the American flag? How can there be enough material for “Texas state history” to be a required class? Initially, just about everything Texas-related was weird to me, and it made me love Arizona more and more.

Loved my freshman girls Bible study

Loved my freshman girls Bible study

Trinity grads

Trinity grads

After college graduation in 2009, I chose to stay here in San Antonio. I had come to love this city, had a job offer, and a sweet guy to keep me here. But it wasn’t until Chip and I got married in 2011 that San Antonio started to feel like home. I think it helped that I finally felt more “permanent.” We bought our home a few weeks before we got married which means this is the most time I’ve gone without moving in San Antonio. We found a wonderful church that we’ve been members of for a couple of years now. We continue to develop sweet friendships. We have our favorite go-to restaurants, even ones that Wrigley can join us at. There are different events and activities every season that we look forward to (is it weird we’re happy it’s spring so we can get started on yard work?). Y’all, I love this city.

I recently saw a Buzzfeed link on Facebook on why you should live in Texas at some point in your life. Check out this link to see the full list, but here are a few of my personal favorites in no particular order: Bluebonnets and wild flowers on the side of the road. Fiesta. Southern hospitality. Tex-mex restaurants everywhere. Breakfast tacos. Two-stepping. Eating outside in the spring. Shopping in Fredericksburg. Being a tourist on the Riverwalk.

God bless Texas.

2 thoughts on “God bless Texas

  1. rmpomeroy

    This is kind of funny, because as you’re falling more in love with Texas and seeing all the things that “we natives” love about our state, I’m beginning to relate to all the times you used to say that you missed seeing the mountains and couldn’t believe how people could live without all the variety in their landscape! Not saying you’ll ever take the Texas out of this girl, but I feel I can finally appreciate where you were coming from back in our early college days!


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