A New Chapter

I say I like change, but that isn’t always true. Take a hair cut, for instance. I love getting my hair cut (highly recommend Twirl here in SA!), but after a few days of shorter hair, I’m left questioning my decision. Should I have had that much cut off? Or should I have gone shorter? Do I have too many layers? Not enough? First world problems? Definitely. But I know that change is good (and I’ve learned that thankfully hair does grow back). Often when I get too comfortable in my everyday life, I can easily take on the mentality of “hey, thanks for getting me this far, God, I got it from here….”. But in those instances where it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet, that’s when I experience my best growth and dependence on God. I will always say that while it was a huge change in my life and required a lot of faith, studying abroad and living in Chile for five months was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

This past Friday was my last day at Bromley Communications after working in the account management department for the last four and a half years. I was able to work across various General Mills brands and I learned so much about strategy, creative development, client relationships, product development and more. I learned how to lead client presentations, how to give feedback to our creative team and help get to the best work together, how to put together competitive reports and analyses, how to foster a sense of teamwork with our partner agencies and so much more. But as time went on, I knew it was time for change. This had been my first job in the real world; I literally started just two short weeks after graduating from Trinity and the last few years went by in a blur. I have felt ready for a new chapter for a while now, but have been too hesitant to make a move. I was scared to leave the one thing I had known in my professional career and something I felt I was good at, but I knew I couldn’t let that fear hold me back from pursuing a new chapter. After lots of time praying about it and countless conversations with Chip, I finally made the bittersweet decision to end my time at Bromley and focus on what’s to come next.

I’m thankful for all of the experiences I had at Bromley. Thankful for the different projects I helped manage, for all of the people I worked with, for all of the experiences it gave me. This past summer alone, I was able to travel to Minneapolis twice (alright, not the most exciting destination) and go to my first TV commercial shoot in New York, which was quickly followed by two more shoots in Mexico and LA. I’m thankful that I was able to go on these trips at this time in my life. We don’t have kids, so while it was hard to be gone from Chip and Wrigley on and off throughout the summer, this is the time to travel for work and I am grateful for these experiences. Most importantly, I am so grateful for the friendships I developed at Bromley. I have met so many wonderful people that helped make me a better coworker and a better person.

On set in New York

On set in New York

Our view from the hotel in Bernal in Mexico

Our view from the hotel in Bernal in Mexico

Filming while in Tequisquiapan

Filming while in Tequisquiapan

The team at the end of our shoot in Mexico

The team at the end of our shoot in Mexico

Wrapping up our shoot in LA

Wrapping up our shoot in LA

The scariest thing about this whole decision is that I don’t know what I’m doing next, but I know that God has given me this season for a reason. I love the holidays and am thankful that I am being given the opportunity to savor every moment and rest. This will be a challenge for me, I’m really awful at resting (just ask Chip, he usually has to force me to take a nap) but know that it will be good for me. I’m thankful for how God reminds me that He is in complete control, which can be a hard pill to swallow for this control freak and planner. While I struggle with not feeling as productive and “busy” as I was up until last week, this has also reminded me that regardless of how I fill my day, I am called first and foremost to glorify God, whether that’s in the advertising world or running the house and graciously appreciating this gift of rest.

I am extremely thankful for a wonderful and supportive husband. Chip has been there every step of the way with me and his love and encouragement and willingness to accept whatever sacrifices we need to make while temporarily being on one income is something I am so grateful for. I am also so thankful for my parents and wonderful community at Redeemer for having prayed for me during this journey and continue to pray for me as I adjust to this change.

Whatever the next chapter looks like, I’m thankful that it’s been written by God and that He will be with me the entire way.

10 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Yadira

    It’s great to read about your work while at Bromley and the places you got to visit and work on different commercial shoots. Enjoy this well deserved time of rest!

  2. rmpomeroy

    Here for you always, and so excited for this period in your life where you get to reflect and explore new opportunities!

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