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San Francisco: Part One

Chip and I just got back from a great trip to San Francisco and Napa. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to northern California, here’s my advice: GO. It’s absolutely beautiful and was so much more fun than we had expected. October is definitely an ideal time to go with the perfect weather and changing seasons, so plan a trip now!

On our two year anniversary this past May, Chip and I spent time talking at dinner about how much fun it would be to plan a trip to San Francisco. Neither of us had ever been to this city but had always heard great things about it from family and friends. So after dinner that day, we went to Barnes & Noble and bought a couple of travel books to get us started. We were hoping to take this belated two year anniversary trip earlier in the summer, but things got busy and planning the trip kept getting put off… my bad. Knowing that Chip’s vacation black-out period would be starting in November, we were determined to make this trip happen by October so we wouldn’t have to wait until the new year. I had already done most of our research earlier in the summer thanks to our Fodor’s book but had yet to set official dates for this trip or find flights and hotel for us. So after spending a Saturday doing some research online last month, we finally had our trip booked. We had been saving some American Airlines giftcards my parents got us for our birthdays a couple of years ago and thought this trip was the perfect time to use them (thanks again, mom and dad!!). We found some great prices for flights leaving out of Austin, and considering how much cheaper these flights were over the San Antonio options, we decided that the drive up to Austin as well as the long-term airport parking costs would definitely be worth it. Finding our hotel was a lot trickier. Our two biggest obstacles were: 1-finding a hotel for the consecutive days that we would be in town and 2-finding one that wasn’t ridiculously priced (there are some really cute hotels in San Francisco, but whoa, were their prices painful to look at). After looking through the Fodor’s book and reading reviews on Trip Advisor, we decided to go with the Coventry Motor Inn on Lombard Street. It isn’t a fancy hotel and is a little outdated, but it really can’t be beat on price and location.

Planning our trip

Planning our trip

We left for San Francisco last Wednesday. We finished our packing in the morning, dropped Wrigley off at Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and then drove up to Austin with enough time to grab lunch before our 2:00 flight. We got into San Francisco around 6:00 that evening and took a Super Shuttle to our hotel.

We decided to take it easy Wednesday night and walked to Tacolicious for dinner after seeing some reviews on Trip Advisor. This place was way better than we had been expecting. We got there at just the right time and were seated right away while groups after us had to wait out in the San Francisco cold for a table. The food was amazing and probably one of the best meals we had while in the city. We started with some fried plantains (I can never resist those) and a great chicken tortilla soup. We then split a few small tacos that Chip still can’t stop talking about. If you go to Tacolicious, be sure to try their carnitas taco. It will change your life. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from our dinner there; for one reason it was extremely dark in the restaurant and I didn’t want to be “that tourist” with the bright flash going off and for another reason, I was fighting a cold and just didn’t feel that great, so I let myself be lazy on documenting our first meal in San Francisco. Might not be the best excuses, but we really did have a great time at dinner Wednesday night.

More to come on our time in San Francisco!