Cheers for Chip

It was just about 8am on Tuesday morning. We were getting ready for work and keeping an eye on the clock, knowing that we would soon be getting Chip’s CFA exam results via email. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit nerve wracking and slightly gut wrenching knowing the exact day and time that this email will be coming through. This is where we were on Tuesday morning last week, just waiting for the email that would either say “congratulations” or “we sincerely regret.” That first line says it all.

To help ease the stress, we just kept going about our daily routine. Chip had gone outside to take the trash out when he came back inside and just stood in the hallway while I straightened my hair and he shared the news: “I passed.” The next few minutes were pretty entertaining, from Chip standing there awkwardly, unsure how to react as the news hit him, while I jumped and cheered around the house. I really can’t blame him for having his initial reaction just be that of relief: he had taken the first level of the CFA exam back in December of 2009 so to know that he was done with all this studying was such awesome news. I’m so very proud of this accomplishment he’s achieved, and I’m so blown away by what he taught me about persistence and dedication throughout this four year process. We’re extremely happy with this final result, but I really don’t think it’s going to sink that the CFA is done and behind us until later this year when he’ll have so much free time in the winter and spring since he won’t have to be studying non-stop anymore.

We would like to thank our friends and family for all the support they have given us over the last four years as Chip worked towards this certification. Thanks for understanding whenever we couldn’t hang out on the weekends so we could have a date night to ourselves. Thanks for spending time with just me on those evenings when Chip was studying late. Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for celebrating with us in this very exciting news. And even though he can’t read, special thanks to Wrigley for keeping me so much company while Chip was out studying at work.

A couple of months ago, Chip and I had talked about how we would want to celebrate whenever he finished with the CFA exams. We had recently been to Bohanans with friends for drinks and had always heard about how great their food was. So we agreed that once he passed the final level, we would have a great dinner there.

With the exam results hot off the press, we went to Bohanans on Friday for an amazing dinner. All those great reviews people had told us about this place were right on the money and we had such a great time celebrating together over good food and good drinks. Bohanans is known for their steak, but honestly, the lobster cream corn and mac & cheese might have been my favorite parts of the meal. We all know I’m a sucker for mac & cheese!

Toasting to the end of the CFA with a Brooklynite

Toasting to the end of the CFA with a Brooklynite

Enjoying a great meal at Bohanans

Enjoying a great meal at Bohanans

Congrats again, my love, on all your hard work!

4 thoughts on “Cheers for Chip

  1. rmpomeroy

    What an incredible accomplishment! Mark and I are toasting tonight in honor of BOTH you guys and every minute of studying and study-support you have been through these past 4 years. CHEERS!

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