Getting to Nantucket

It’s time for a geography lesson. Nantucket is an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is 14 miles in length and 3.5 miles wide. While its early history was centered around the whaling industry, it’s now known for charming cobblestone streets, great seafood, preppy clothing, and quiet beaches. And we were somehow lucky enough to experience all of this for ourselves this past week.

The only reason why we got to take this trip to Nantucket was because of a finance conference Chip would be attending. When Chip’s supervisor told him about this conference months ago, she also suggested I go along with him so we could experience that cute little island together. I was really flattered at first that she had suggested this, but then my planning/over-thinker side started to kick in. Would I be able to get that time off work? How about just working from the hotel during the day while Chip was at the conference? Would we be able to afford flying me out with Chip? How the heck do you get to Nantucket? Was this a good excuse to buy some new clothes?

Luckily my supervisor also loves to travel and was really supportive of me tagging along with Chip and working from our hotel during the day. Finding flights was a bit trickier. There are a couple of options when getting to Nantucket:

1. Fly directly onto the island. This kind of freaked me out. The island is 14 miles long. Three and a half miles wide. Where is there even room for an airport? How big would that runway be? Well, it also turned out to be more expensive to fly into Nantucket, and while Chip’s flights would be paid for, I was trying to find the cheapest flights possible so we wouldn’t be spending an arm and a leg on my flights.

2. Fly into Boston, and then take a bus to Hyannis followed by a ferry to get to Nantucket. This was the option we went with!

We were able to find some well-priced flights through Southwest, so we flew out to Boston last Friday night. Since we wouldn’t get in until after midnight on Friday, we decided to save the two hour bus ride to the port city of Hyannis until Saturday morning. Well, that and there are no ferry rides in the middle of the night to get to Nantucket. So this was a pretty easy decision to make.

Waiting for the shuttle to our hotel at around 1AM Friday night… way past my bedtime

Saturday morning we took a cab back to the airport and caught our bus to Hyannis. The ride from Boston to Hyannis is about two hours long, which Chip spent most of the time working on his Boston accent. His favorite quote that morning was “Where you going” which was the greeting our bus driver gave everyone buying their tickets. It was never asked as a question, but a short quick statement. “Where you going.” We couldn’t stop laughing at the Boston brusque-ness, especially when compared to the classic southern hospitality (I imagine a bus driver in the south would have asked where you’re from, where you’re going, how was your flight, etc.).

When in Boston: drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee

When in Boston: drink Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

Our view as we rode through Boston

Our view as we rode through Boston

Once we got to Hyannis, we walked about 15 minutes to the port where we bought our ferry tickets. There are two options for the ferry: either the one hour “high speed” or the regular two hour ferry. We chose the one hour option with The Steamship Authority so we could get into Nantucket by 3:00 that afternoon. We bought our tickets and since we had about an hour until it was time to sail, we went and had some lunch at a nearby restaurant. What do you eat before sailing to Nantucket? Clam chowder, of course.

Lunch time.

Lunch time

Clam chowda

Clam chowda

Ready to go to Nantucket!

Ready to go to Nantucket!

More to come on our time in Nantucket!

Notes for our time in Nantucket

Notes for our time in Nantucket

Hooray for planning

Hooray for planning

5 thoughts on “Getting to Nantucket

  1. Yadira

    Sounds like it’s a bit of an adventure just to get to Nantucket. I found your rationale for flying into Boston versus Nantucket too funny but I would have done the same. Did you ever see the airport once on the island?

  2. rmpomeroy

    Ha, I love your journal full of notes, complete with checkmarks and highlights! Aaaand, that clam chowder looks pretty delicious!

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