Brunch at the Boiler House

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, Haley and I had an awesome brunch at the Boiler House last Saturday. We had been wanting to go to brunch for a while now so we made the decision that Saturday would be the day. Our only criteria was that they would serve (cheap) mimosas. What can I say, we’re two classy gals. After doing some research online and talking to some food guru friends, we decided to go to the Boiler House in the Pearl Brewery. It also helped that Chip had won a $50 gift card there and kindly offered it to us (what a sweet husband).

Kicking brunch off right

Kicking brunch off right

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Haley and I dominated that brunch. We took full advantage of our gift card and ordered three different plates to split. The menu at the Boiler House is pretty awesome and we actually had a little difficulty narrowing down our choices to just three (where’s a sampler plate when you need it?). In the end we chose the Bacon Benedict, the Mac & Egg, and the Chocolate-Espresso Pancakes. As you can see, we were pros and made sure we ordered different kinds of food from hearty to sweet. Here’s what the spread looked like:

We take brunch seriously

We take brunch seriously

Chocolate espresso pancakes, anyone?

Chocolate espresso pancakes, anyone?

The next time I go to the Boiler House and eat just one plate like a normal person, it will definitely be the Bacon Benedict. I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it. The Mac & Egg was really good, too, but I would prefer it with just one poached egg instead of two (it got a little too runny about halfway through). The pancakes were tasty and also came with some jalapeno sausage, but it wasn’t as sweet as we were expecting; not sure what that says about us.

So thankful for a great morning with Haley

So thankful for a great morning with Haley

We came in right at $49.80 (#winning) and spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon in a significant food coma and completely worthless to society. We walked around the Pearl for a bit and then made our way back to Haley’s house to wait for Mark and Rachel to get back later in the afternoon. I don’t think I moved from Haley’s couch while we watched You’ve Got Mail, but that’s what Saturday’s are for, right?

Confession: this was my first time seeing You've Got Mail

Confession: this was my first time seeing You’ve Got Mail

We eventually snapped out of our food coma just in time for our dinner at Bohanans that evening. Haley, not sure about you, but I’m totally ready for another brunch!

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