A weekend with friends

Last weekend was a sweet reminder of the great gift of friendships. One of my closest friends from Trinity, Rachel, and her husband Mark were in town for a friend’s wedding. I last saw Rachel when I went to visit her in Chicago last summer, so it had definitely been a while since we last hung out. It was a quick visit, but a great one nonetheless.

Mark and Rachel flew in late Friday night, so Chip and I hung out at Matt and Haley’s house until it was time to pick them up for the airport. We had a low key night hanging out and catching up, talking until significantly past my bedtime. There really isn’t anything better than great conversation with sweet friends over wine (except for maybe if sugar suddenly became a “good” calorie… a girl can dream).

Saturday was the wedding so while Mark and Rachel were in the Austin area for that very special event, Haley and I had the most delicious brunch at the Boiler House. It was so good that it’s getting its own post, so stay tuned for that. Once Mark and Rachel got back in town and Haley and I had finally digested all the food we ate, we tried going back to the Pearl Brewery to show them how much that area has grown. Unfortunately, we weren’t very successful since Saturday was the night of the Fiesta Flambeau Parade and streets along the parade route were closed off as early as 3:00 in the afternoon. After trying several different routes to get the Pearl, we had to chalk it up as a loss and went back to casa de Beham to hang out some more before dinner.

We spent Saturday evening having a swanky and tasty dinner at Luke. We were also joined by more good Trinity friends John and Niki. After dinner, we walked over to Bohanans for drinks and to listen to Brent Watkins’ (the music director at Redeemer) awesome jazz band. If you’re looking for a nice bar to have unique drinks, I cannot recommend Bohanans enough. The service was awesome and the ambiance can’t be beat. Our server Alex was the best and recommended great drinks for our group (you won’t regret ordering the Brooklynite!). While we were having drinks, some torrential rain started that kept us at Bohanans a little longer. Pretty sure the weather forecast said we had a 30% chance of rain. Guess that’s the same as a borderline hurricane. So of course, we eventually sent Chip and Matt to go get our cars from Luke where we had parked. Don’t worry, we were kind and sent them with umbrellas.

The Brooklynite

The Brooklynite

With wonderful friends at Bohanans

With wonderful friends at Bohanans

Sunday was the last day in San Antonio for the Pomeroys. While they lived in San Antonio, they were very active members of Redeemer and helped Matt with the youth group. It was so great getting to do the youth Christian Education hour together after the service. Once we left church, we made our way over to The Cove for lunch. I was so glad that another awesome Trinity friend Jessica came to lunch with her fiance (congrats again, guys!). Enjoying a texas burger outside with more great time with friends was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. I’m so glad Mark and Rachel were able to visit for the weekend and can’t wait to see them again!

1 thought on “A weekend with friends

  1. rmpomeroy

    Ah! I had such a good time with you guys last weekend! It flew by so fast. Already looking forward to the next time we get to hang out in San Antonio with you all!! Love you, friend!


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