Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Dove – “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”

Like most women, when I look in the mirror I am very quick to focus on the areas I’d like to “fix.” Like my height. And curves that can be a little too much for my petite frame. Or my thick eyebrows that require daily tweezing. Even on my best days, I always feel like I could look better. This is a shame and all too common among females of all ages. Yesterday, I saw this video from Dove and was blown away. I work in the advertising industry and know that a lot of ads out there aren’t based on true insights. This video, however, is legit. It’s incredibly real and a real eye-opener to how we often view ourselves. I’ve seen it three times now and get teary eyed each time.

Girls, we are so beautifully and wonderfully made. This video was such a reminder that when I critique the way I look, I’m discrediting God’s creation. This is the way God has created me and who am I to think it could be “better.” So today, I’m making (or trying to) the change the mindset I have on my beauty. Yes, I’m not tall, but that means I can wear cute wedge platforms in the spring and summer. I’m Hispanic, these curves aren’t going anywhere. And my eyebrows frame my face better than I realize. I’m grateful for the way God created me and made me His own.