Meet Chessie

Today, we picked up our new foster dog, Chessie. It’s been a bit of a hiatus since our last foster Target in September. After Target, we had our trip to Colorado, then came the holiday season, I can’t remember what January looked like, February followed with retreats and events just about every weekend, and I’m still trying to figure out where March went (whoa, we’re in April?). Now that things are kind of slowing down (mmm, yeah right), we thought it was a good time to bring another foster home. I had been keeping on eye on care’s Facebook page since we fostered Duke and Target through them, but they’ve been pulling a lot of puppies from the shelter (don’t even get me started on how someone could abandon a litter of puppies). We love puppies, but we honestly wouldn’t be able to give them the attention and training they need with our schedules. So we decided to wait a little more.

Yesterday, my coworker Annaliz (she’s on care’s board of directors) asked if we would consider fostering Chessie. I had somehow missed her post on the Facebook page amongst all the puppy posts (if you’re looking for a puppy, please look at all these cute pups in need of homes!). After some quick texting with Chip, we decided we would go ahead and foster Chessie. She was actually in boarding since Peggy, the founder of care, didn’t want her to be put down at the pound (most dogs only have about 72 hours to get out of there), so I picked her up from a local vet where she had been staying for a couple days after work today.

Chessie chilling in my car

Chessie chilling in my car

Chessie is a three year old German Shepherd mix. She’s been nothing but sweet and extremely playful this evening. I’m convinced she’s been a pet to someone before. She had no hesitation following me out of the vet today or hopping into my car to go home. She’s shown no fear to either Chip or myself and has made herself comfortable jumping on the furniture (we’re already trying to break that habit, we just need her to learn “down” or “no” as soon as possible haha). She had fun running around in the backyard a bit trying to play with Wrigley (he’s still trying to figure her out) and has been content to nap in the living room while we eat dinner. She’s significantly underweight, so we’ll be giving her lots of food to get her to the size she’s supposed to be. I’m sure her coat will also get better when she puts on weight, Duke was the same way when we brought him home last year.

We’ll be taking her to a care pet adoption event this Saturday; here’s to hoping she finds her forever family soon!

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