Walking with Wrigley

One thing that amazes me about Wrigley is how he can always tell when he’s getting to go on a walk. Always. I know he’s a smart dog and he’s definitely a creature of habit, so it’s not completely surprising that he’s realized he’s more likely to go on a walk on Saturday mornings when I don’t do my normal shower-and-get-ready routine. But lately, our walks have been happening a little less often so I have no idea how he figured it out this evening.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so I knew I needed to take the pup out for a jog when I got home. I had just put away my purse and computer when Wrigley started spazzing out more than he usually does when we get home from work. He somehow already had a suspicion. That or he’s becoming a mind reader. By the time I grabbed my tennis shoes, Wrigley had run down the hall to the study room and stood staring at his basket that holds his leash and harness. The little stink definitely figured out our plans. So with that we went on a quick walk/jog which ended with him happily napping in the living room while I catch up on this week’s episodes of The Bachelor (I know it’s shameful, but I’m terribly addicted… so much drama!!).

A very happy Wrigley

A very happy Wrigley

2 thoughts on “Walking with Wrigley

  1. Adria

    I love this so much!! Just too cute and Isabella loves it when I read your blogs to her. She adores Wrigley, and he’s a very smart dog!!!!


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