The Nutcracker

Few things say “the holiday season” quite like the Nutcracker does. The first time I saw it with Chip was particularly fun… it was four years ago, our senior year at Trinity. As a special gift, Chip got us tickets to go see it on the RiverWalk. This was a pretty elaborate date for two college seniors on a tight budget. I was so excited and looked forward to this date for a while… here was my boyfriend willingly taking me to see a ballet. We were in our seats ready for the show to start and as the lights first started to dim, Chip turned to me and asked “So, what is this play about?” I had a small panicked “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment and let him know that this technically wasn’t a play, but a ballet. “Well what does that mean?” I couldn’t believe it! I explained that since it’s a ballet, there’s no talking, it’s just music and dancing. “How are they supposed to even tell a story then?” Oh, my goodness, this could be a disaster. How could this guy not know what the Nutcracker is about? Apart from having seen it before, I even had a Spanish cartoon VHS movie my dad gave me when I was little that we used to watch every year (Chip is definitely watching that this Christmas while we’re in Tucson; it’ll help his Spanish, right?). Up until that point, I assumed everyone knew about the Nutcracker. Everyone except this guy sitting next to me…

Thankfully, Chip actually enjoyed the Nutcracker and promised we would someday see it again. Which is exactly what we did this past Saturday. After a great dinner at Fleming’s, we made our way downtown to the awesome Majestic Theater to watch the show. It was even better than the last time we saw it four years ago (it probably helped not being paranoid that Chip would want to leave at intermission). It’s cliche, but the dancers were so very graceful and the kids in the Mother Ginger scene had everyone cheering. All in all, the show was absolutely beautiful and the perfect dose of Christmas cheer. I took it as a good sign that at the end of the show, Chip made the comment that we needed to see the Nutcracker more often. Works for me! :)

Ah, young love... picture from four years ago at The Nutracker

Ah, young love… picture from four years ago at The Nutracker

2 thoughts on “The Nutcracker

  1. Yadira

    How wonderful that you got to see the Nutcracker, again. A true Christmas classic. No worries the VCR is ready for Chip. Te gane tortuga!

  2. rmpomeroy

    Haha, this is such a sweet post! Mark hasn’t ever seen the Nutcracker, so we got tickets to see it next weekend in Chicago… I haven’t seen it in ages and am so excited! Glad you have a fun night out!


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