Golfing with the Behams

About a month ago, we did a couple’s golf outing with the Behams… to answer your question, no, I’m not a golfer. I’ve golfed once before with my dad and brother and lasted about 13 holes. Haley played a little bit in high school and has a pretty awesome set of pink clubs from it. But that’s about as far as our golfing skills go. However, our husbands really enjoy playing and had been suggesting how fun it would be for all four of us to go together. Haley and I decided to give it a shot (although we did think about packing some mimosas for ourselves) and went off to golf with Matt and Chip.

Considering our inexperience, the boys wanted to make sure we spent some time at the driving range to warm up. I’m hoping it improved our game a little bit and that I would have played even worse without those practice swings. We were able to take our time for the first few holes, but then we started to hold up the people playing behind us, so Haley and I stuck to the par-three’s and occasional swings while the guys actually played at a much faster pace than the two of us. Haley and I left after the first nine holes since it was getting pretty warm and we were in need of some Sonic drinks (yes, need) and left the boys to finish the rest of the holes.

While we didn’t play more than a total of three holes each, we did have a lot of fun. I have to say, a golf swing feels pretty awkward, but I did get a couple of good shots in, as well as a lot of unintentional practice swings (those golf balls are a lot smaller than I realized!). Haley had much more success than I did; guess those high school golf years paid off :)

It did feel like the golf course was against us and trying to kick us out a couple of times. Exhibit A: while driving by Haley’s golfball and trying to scoop it up without stopping, she accidentally rolled out of the cart. Pretty funny, but it did cause a small grass stain on her jeans. Exhibit B: while teeing off on one hole, we received many ant bites. It would only be a slight exaggeration to say we were attacked.

Haley’s bitten foot

Exhibit C: one of my golf balls got to a particular wet and muddy part of grass. Our cart was struggling to drive through it, so I walked out to get my golf ball and stepped into so much mud. Wasn’t very happy about my dirty shoes and jeans!

Didn’t know a golf course could be so muddy

Exhibit D: it was just way too hot for a Saturday in October.

Hopefully we didn’t drive Matt and Chip too crazy while golfing with them. I have noticed they haven’t invited us out again… coincidence?

The boys golfing while Haley and I watched from the cart

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