This past week was a festive one… in a span of five days, we celebrated three special birthdays. On Wednesday, I turned 25 (hello, quarter of a century!). Considering it was a birthday in the middle of the week (I definitely prefer weekend birthdays!), I still had a very special and fun day. After a great breakfast at home, Chip dropped me off at work. The day included a decorated desk and chocolate cake in the afternoon (who doesn’t love that??). After work, two of my really good co-worker friends, Annaliz and Priscilla, treated me to a happy hour over at Landry’s. I am so thankful for these two ladies and the joy they add throughout my work day :)

My festive desk


Happy hour with Annaliz and Priscilla

That’s some cute grilled cheese

Chip then picked me up and we made our way over to Bin 555 to celebrate both of our birthdays (Chip’s 26th birthday was yesterday!). Since we would be celebrating both of our birthdays, we decided to splurge a little bit and ordered some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches for appetizers, had a tasty meal and then a nutella dish for dessert. While I prefer the nutella dish at Tre Trattoria, this one was pretty good, too.

After dinner, we went back to our house to open birthday gifts. I’m pretty excited about the two books Chip got me – Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Stacy London’s The Truth About Style. These books have been on my list for a while, so I can’t wait to get to them. Fun fact: when I tagged Stacy London in my tweet about these books, she actually replied. How awesome is that? I’m convinced we could totally be BFF’s :) Wrigley was also sweet and got me a gift card to Spa D’sante. What a thoughtful pup.

So excited to read these.

Friday was my good friend Haley‘s birthday and we surprisingly got each other the same gift :) This was pretty funny and will be its own separate post!

With Chip’s birthday on Sunday, we thought it would be fun to celebrate our three birthdays together on Saturday with a group dinner at Fralo’s. Fralo’s is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants in town and we were really excited for us to spend the evening here. We had a great time with all of our friends and are so thankful to everyone who was able to come celebrate with us (big shout out to the wonderful Jeff and Megan Claydon who drove from Houston for the event! We love you guys!!). The wine was great, the appetizers tasty, the pizza delicious and the live music awesome (really, he was great… Haley and I shamelessly sang along to most of the songs). Following dinner, we went and saw the new James Bond movie Skyfall with the Behams. It was a great movie, although we were all a little tired when the movie ended after midnight… definitely past my bedtime!

Three cheers for Fralo’s!

Having a great time at dinner

Some different shots of the table… not pictured: the Claydons, the Barnetts, Bekah McNeel… totally meant to get a full group picture!!

Since Sunday was going to be a busy day, Chip opened his birthday gifts in the morning before church. I think he’ll enjoy the two books I got him and the golf outing Wrigley is treating him to! We spent most of Sunday afternoon with the youth group at Redeemer doing a scavenger hunt throughout downtown San Antonio. It was a really fun afternoon running around with these teenagers, doing pyramids in front of the Alamo, interviewing tourists, getting a picture on one of the RiverWalk tour boats, etc. After the scavenger hunt, we spent some time over at Eliot’s (one of the other youth leaders) apartment to watch the Texans-Bears game.

It was a great weekend getting to spend time with so many great friends. Thanks, everyone, for making our birthdays so special!

3 thoughts on “Birthdays!

  1. bekahmcneel

    One of my more favorite group birthday celebrations! You folks attract a lovely crowd! Also, fun note: I saw the little grilled cheeses and said to myself, “That’s Bin 555!” and I was right. Love those things.

  2. rmpomeroy

    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! And we’re definitely going to have to check out this Fralo’s place next time I’m in San Antonio – I’ve still never been!!


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