Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Christmas Card Book

Last weekend, we had a great cold front come in for a few days. With the temperature no longer in the 80s, I spent last Saturday morning getting (prematurely) excited about Christmas. I pulled out my fuzzy boot slippers, put on some holiday music and got started on a small craft project I had been meaning to do since last year: a little book from the year’s Christmas cards. I originally thought of making this book last winter, but like many of my other projects, didn’t get to it until recently (I tend to think of projects faster than I can accomplish them). My goal was to get it done before this year’s Christmas cards came in and to have this out on our coffee table as a small piece of decor for the season.

This was a really simple project and I enjoyed taking my time to get it done while Chip was out golfing with some friends from church. All it took was a whole puncher and some metal rings we got from Hobby Lobby. In hindsight, I should have measured how far apart to punch the wholes a little more accurately, but I still think this turned out just fine. I want to make some little books for all our wedding cards, hopefully that will get done sometime before our two year anniversary in May :)

Metal rings from Hobby Lobby

My work station

2011 Christmas Card Book

Can always count on Wrigley to keep me company