Time to read

I’ve always been a bookworm. Growing up, I was that (sometimes weird) kid that would read at any given time. This included at the dinner table, in the car as we drove the eight hours to California to visit family, at restaurants while we would wait to be seated, in the backyard… you get the picture. I looked forward to the local library’s Summer Reading Program every year and wouldn’t log in all of my hours so it would take me longer, maybe even a week, to finish the reading challenge. I secretly enjoyed a lot of my school reading assignments and have discovered a few favorite books that way. More often than not, my parents would have to tell me to put a book down and eat my food when I was little (although I was a great multi-tasker at this. If I got too distracted while reading, I could eat an entire sleeve of Chips Ahoy cookies).

Anyway, for having been a kid that couldn’t read enough, I don’t get as much time now to read for fun. I let myself get too busy with work, house projects and everything else that I could possibly use as an excuse. Now whenever I read a book again, I keep realizing how much I’ve missed this hobby. I can easily get lost in a story and find that to be so relaxing. Well, except for the time when I read the entire Hunger Games series on our honeymoon… we would be laying out on the cruise ship and after reading for several hours and then getting up to grab some lunch, my heart rate would be up and I would have to remind myself that we were on a ship in the Mediterranean with retired people and not in a deadly arena.

Since I’m trying to make more time for reading again, I thought it would be fun to write about these books as I finish them. Don’t worry, these won’t be in-depth school reports, just little summaries and some of my thoughts. I’m sure it will give all of you a break from my semi-successful house projects and dog posts :)

Keep an eye out for my first reading-related entry on the book I just finished: The Last Lecture. And if you have any reading suggestions, please let me know!

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