Arizona trip, part 2!

Sunday may have been my favorite day during our trip to Arizona. After having breakfast at home, we all went to St. Pius for the children’s mass (the amount of kids running around reminded us of Redeemer! :)). After church, we made our way back home and got to work on the rest of the day. We would be having a barbecue in the afternoon with some of my parents good friends, the Morgans, and then heading over to the Gaslight Theater for their latest show in the evening.

In anticipation of our visit, my mom had pulled some new recipes from Pinterest for us all to try out. They were a hit! I’ll definitely be making them over here in Texas. We made a zucchini dish (I don’t know what to call them other than little boats) and some stuffed red bell peppers. Overall, the recipes were pretty easy (although using the melon scooper on the zucchini was a little messier than Teresa and I had anticipated), but they probably would have taken a lot longer without a three-person team working together! Teresa and I also made a couple of pitchers of classic Spanish Sangria. Needless to say, the table was very full by the time we sat down to eat with the Morgans!

Slicing the zucchini

Filling the little zucchini boats

Taking a quick break from cooking!

Watching some playoff baseball before grilling the meat

After a relaxing dinner and some yummy dessert the Morgans brought over, we all drove over to the Gaslight Theater. For those that have never been, the Gaslight is a real treat. It’s not your typical theater. It’s located right behind a small diner, so popcorn, sundaes and other goodies are served while the play goes on. Also, this theater encourages a lot of audience participation so you can always count on hearing people boo whenever the bad guy is on stage, cheer with the good guys and laugh whenever someone messes up a line (the cast doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is always looking to entertain and make the audience laugh). We try to catch a Gaslight play whenever we’re in town and we are never disappointed with the performance. This time, the show was Phantom of the Opera. It was probably the funniest rendition of this musical that you could imagine. While the overall plot line was the same(ish), the music was very different. Instead of hearing “Angel of Music” or “The Music of the Night,” the cast sang songs like “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” It was awesome. Definitely one of the shows that made me laugh the most! Just as good as the show was the entertaining Tribute to Vegas Olio at the end, complete with the Jersey Boys, Sonny and Cher and, of course, Elvis. I’m already looking forward to going home again for Christmas and seeing the Gaslight holiday show! (mom, buy tickets now, please :))

Phantom of the Opera!

The Gaslight Stage

With my parents

Ready for the show!

Group photo

Wrigley checking out the chorizo plate

We made another trip over to Le Buzz on Monday and had yet another delicious meal. I had the chorizo plate this time around (Chip highly recommended it after our first visit there last weekend) and even Wrigley got to enjoy some of it.

Penny resting under the table at breakfast

We took it easy the rest of Monday and spent lots of time relaxing together. Alex showed Teresa different parts of Tucson and brought us all back some Eegee’s for lunch in the afternoon. My grandpa also came over for a bit to play the guys in some dominoes. it was pretty entertaining to hear them at it and trying to figure out each other’s strategy. I can’t remember which team won, the level of trash talk stayed the same the whole way through :)

Playing dominoes

Tuesday was our last full day in Tucson. Since Chip and I had packed his golf clubs in our car, my dad wanted to make sure we put them to good use so the guys went golfing once more. While they played, I went with my mom and Teresa to a pottery paint place at Park Place Mall for some girl craft time. It was a lot of fun! Teresa painted a really cute sunflower bowl, my mom did a little jar for family summer vacation ideas and I did a small plate with a letter N on it. We can’t wait to see how these turn out once they get glazed!

Lots of paint to choose from

Teresa and my mom hard at work

Teresa painting her sunflower

We got the table a little messy

My painted plate!

We had another great dinner at home Tuesday night – I’m so grateful for all the family meals we were able to have together. After dinner, Teresa and I were both craving a little something for dessert… so we did some searching on Pinterest and found an awesome recipe for some homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they were as delicious as they sound! Teresa had the good idea to double the recipe, so we had plenty of cookies for everyone. I had a lot of fun getting to spend time with my family, but I also had a lot of fun in moments like this getting to know Teresa a little better :)

A perfect combination

Chip and I did our packing Tuesday night and got the car ready for our drive back to San Antonio. My dad likes listening to audiobooks, so he gave us Blink to borrow for the drive back. We listened to it most of the way and actually finished it right as we were getting into San Antonio. Perfect timing!

We had a great time in Tucson and really wish we could visit more often. We’re definitely looking forward to heading back for the holidays! Thanks to my family and Teresa for a great trip! Wrigley says thanks to Penny, too :)


Sunrise in Arizona, Sunset in Texas


1 thought on “Arizona trip, part 2!

  1. Adria

    Just finished reading “part 2” of your trip and I’m just so happy for you, Chip, and Wrigley being able to go home for a few days. Reading how you got to spend more time with Teresa and getting to know her, not too mention how busy you girls stayed! By the way I’m waiting for my Sangria, along with all that cooking that went on! I do miss all of you and can’t wait to see you. I’m really proud of you and it makes me happy to see you happy, so glad you took that little trip.


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