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Arizona trip, part 1!

Chip and I just got back from a great trip to visit my family in Tucson, Arizona. We hadn’t been there since last Thanksgiving, so we were definitely looking forward to our time there. My brother and his girlfriend would be in town for their college Fall Break, so I thought this would be a great chance for us all to be together. Instead of flying out to Tucson, we decided to drive out there. We had just enough vacation days to do so and we thought it would be a great way to save some money (wouldn’t have those crazy costs of flights and we wouldn’t have to pay to board Wrigley since he would be coming with us). It’s around 850 miles to Tucson, so we wanted to make sure my car would get us there smoothly and safely. We got the tires balanced and aligned, got the oil changed and Chip spent some time cleaning the headlights so we would get as much light as possible while driving in the dark. We then got the car packed up Wednesday evening with our suitcases, Chip’s golf clubs and Wrigley’s old crate (got to keep him safe in the car!).

Ready for the drive!

We got on the road early last Thursday and had a really smooth ride to Tucson. Well, it didn’t start out too smooth… we had been planning to listen to an audio book during the drive to help pass the time since we were expecting the drive to be a good 12 hours. Well, after a few days of looking up different books online, we had finally chosen one, which wasn’t an easy feat since Chip and I have very different taste in books. Well, I didn’t have time to order and download online before hand (okay, I’ll be honest, I didn’t make time to do that), but I figured we could download the book directly on one of our iPhones. Turns out I was wrong. You need either wifi connection (we couldn’t connect to a wireless network since we were driving up I10) or to download through iTunes (and then we found out the book took up the majority of the available space on our phones). Road trip fail. Oops.

Luckily we did fine without the audio book. We listened to some sports podcasts (so fun…) and took turns playing our different Pandora stations on our phones (yay, smartphones!). Chip drove like a champ and did all 12 hours and Wrigley was a very patient passenger. All in all, the drive to Tucson was a breeze!

Wrigley checking out I10

Little bit of rain the first part of the drive

Wrigley relaxing in his crate

Driving through West Texas

Entering New Mexico!

I sure do miss the desert.

Hello, Arizona!

Love my Wrigs

We got in around dinner time, and spent the evening with my parents catching up over some Cuban food my grandparents had dropped off for us. So good to have some platanitos again!

When we woke up on Friday, we went for a walk with the dogs to a restaurant my parents love going to: Le Buzz. It’s about a mile and a half away from the house, so it was a great walk to get the dogs a little tired. Wrigley loved LeBuzz and had no shame begging for food and occasionally making a desperate jump for the table (a gentleman sitting next to us got a kick out of it).

Walking to Le Buzz

Breakfast time!

We had another key meal later on Friday…. Eegee’s for lunch. Of all the restaurants in Tucson, Eegee’s is definitely one I miss most. It isn’t super fancy, it’s just sub sandwiches but they’re sooo good. And the fries… delicious. And you can’t go to Eegee’s without getting one of their classic Eegee drinks (my personal favorite is a strawberry-lemon combo). Since we had a rather large breakfast at LeBuzz, we went by Eegee’s later in the afternoon and ate over at my grandparents’ house. We spent a few hours over at their house and went back to my parents’ in the evening to get ready for my brother, Alex, and his girlfriend, Teresa, since they would be flying in that night.

First Eegee’s of the trip

We got to the airport around 10:30 Friday night and were so excited to see Alex and Teresa. My parents and even Chip had already met Teresa (Chip met her during his trip to Omaha for a CFA Bootcamp), so I was looking forward to meeting her. Their flight got in on time and we made our way home where we spent some time catching up before going to bed – Alex and Teresa were pretty tired after their long afternoon of flying!

Saturday was a busy, full day. The boys went golfing while us girls went shopping (I do love these types of days!). I had a great time with my mom and Teresa shopping around La Encantada. We found some great stuff at Francesca’s and Anthropologie and had a fun lunch over at AJ’s. There was also an adoption event going on at La Encantada, so of course I had to stop to pet a bunch of the dogs along the way. Once we were done shopping and the guys finished golfing, we all got ready for dinner. We went with my grandparents to a great Italian restaurant – Gavi’s. It was delicious. I had some awesome lobster ravioli… and just about cleaned my plate. Pair that with a glass of wine and the marble cheesecake I had for dessert and I was more than ready for bed when we got home :)

The guys take a break from golfing

More to come on the rest of our trip!