The gift of puppies

I saw this article on Mashable today and I have to say… it really made my day. It’s a collection of 17 priceless videos of people being surprised with a sweet gift of a puppy. Yes, I love dogs. But I also love how all of the people in these videos, young and old, react with the same unrestrained joy when they get a fuzzy little pup. Really, this is some of the most heartwarming stuff you could see today (the little girl in the 6th video is probably my favorite of the bunch, she’ll make you cry!). So take a minute to go through these videos, I promise it won’t be a waste of time.

Puppies – Best Gifts in the World?

My own personal disclaimers: I love seeing people get puppies, but please if you’re considering bringing one into your life consider these two things:

1. Go to a pet shelter to see what puppies they have waiting for a good home. Especially in cities like San Antonio where the spay/neuter rate is so low, you’re guaranteed to find a wide selection of pups.

2. Think carefully before getting someone a puppy as a gift (only do it if you’ve already talked about bring one home). Sadly, lots of dogs and cats get turned into shelters after the holidays from people who liked the idea of a pet as a gift, but didn’t actually want that lifestyle.

I’ll get off my soap box now, go enjoy these videos :)

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