Silly Target

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently found a home for Duke. Fostering Duke was more rewarding than we could have expected and we are so thankful that we live in a home that can support having a foster dog. We were excited to foster again, but we wanted to take a little bit of a break before bringing home another dog for a few reasons.

1. We would be going out of town for our trip to Colorado, so we didn’t want to bring a foster into our home for a week before heading out on vacation.

2. We wanted to get our house back in order. As much as we loved having Duke in our home and dog-sitting for different friends, having several dogs to take care of meant our house got put on the back-burner for a bit. We had a few small projects we wanted to focus on so we thought being a one-dog household again would help us out.

3. We wanted to give Wrigley some good one-on-one attention. He had adapted really well to having Duke around, but we wanted to see how he did without him and also spoil him a bit to make sure he was feeling loved. This meant that our best buddy was now allowed to get on the couch with us if we had a blanket for him to lay on as well as receiving a few more table scraps.

4. We needed time to prepare ourselves… let’s be real, we will never have a foster as sweet as Duke!

After a few weeks with just Wrigley in the house, I got an email from Peggy, the founder of CARE, which is the organization we had fostered Duke through. She emailed me about this sweet little pup named Target. Similar to Duke, he was at ACS and was scheduled to be put down since all of the shelters in San Antonio are over capacity. One of the staffworkers at ACS contacted Peggy and asked her for help; she had become attached to little Target in a very short time and couldn’t stand to see him not have a chance to find a way home. So Peggy went to ACS and pulled Target out, without a foster or adopting family lined up. This was two weeks ago. Peggy had been paying for Target to be boarded at different places just to keep him alive. So after talking to Chip, we agreed that Target would be our next foster. It was a little sooner than we thought we would be bringing another dog home, but we couldn’t pass up helping up this guy!

Target enjoying the ride to our house

So this past Friday, we picked up little Target and brought him home. There’s nothing I can say except that he is absolutely precious. He’s eight or nine months old and is full-on puppy. He’s curious about everything and so playful without being completely crazy (which is very appreciated!). We’ve only had him for a few days now, but I know he’s going to be a great dog and is going to be a wonderful dog for a family. Here’s what we’ve learned about Target in just the last few days:

1. He’s extremely curious and unafraid. Maybe it’s because he’s so young, but Target doesn’t seem to have any fear at all. Whereas Duke definitely had a past and would be startled at any noise, Target has to find out what’s going on whenever he hears a new noise. I love that he still has this innocence and that this will make his transition into his forever home easier.

2. He doesn’t like to be alone. I’m not sure if it’s because he had been boarded for the last two weeks and might not have had much interaction with people, but he loves to follow us around wherever we go in the house. We did a lot of yardwork and housework this past weekend with the Labor Day holiday, and Target was always there with us, inspecting our progress on our projects and laying down in whatever room we were working in. He also loves to cuddle and gets so excited to see us whenever we get home. It hasn’t taken him much time at all to look forward to seeing us and jumping in our laps for a belly rub.

3. He loves to play. Target has quickly discovered the toy bin in the living room and is content to just pull out all of the toys and play by himself. He has also been playing and wrestling with Wrigley a bit, although Wrigley doesn’t seem to appreciate Target’s puppy energy and speed after too long :)

4. He has the makings of a guard dog. He may be a small pup, but he is definitely confident in his bark. He’s already shown his tough side barking at the garbage man and our neighbors’ friends that were outside for a barbecue this past weekend. He’s also very smart and has already learned how to sit on command and is starting to get a hold on “shake.”

We really hope we can find a home for Target soon. He’s such a silly, sweet dog and we would love for his new family to see his fun puppy side. He’s doing really well with his crate training and is even starting to go outside on his own through our little doggy door whenever nature calls (pretty impressive for only being here 72 hours!). We can’t wait to find Target his forever home!

Relaxing in the living room

Enjoying some of Wrigley’s toys

Doing a great job on his first walk!


1 thought on “Silly Target

  1. Yadira

    So hard to imagine shelters filled to over capacity with unwanted dogs, what a sad reality. Lucky for Target to be rescued! He is so cute and I am sure he will be adopted soon. In the meantime Wrigley has a new friend :)


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