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Thanks, Duke

This post is a bit delayed, but still special to me. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Duke has found his forever home. Hooray! Ever since Chip and I first brought Duke home six months ago, my co-worker Sandra had her eye (and her heart!) on him. She had been wanting a dog pretty badly, but didn’t think she should be getting one in her current home since their yard was a bit small. But that didn’t stop her from consistently asking how Duke was doing and if he had found a family yet. Well, an opportunity came up over the summer that would allow Sandra to have Duke. She would be moving into a larger home with her family, one that came with a very large yard with plenty of space for a goofy dog to run around and play. After a bit of talking and planning, it was set. She would be adopting Duke. Duke is such a great fit for her with his easy going, gentle personality. I dropped Duke off over at her house a few weeks ago and it was so great to see him familiarize himself with his new home, sniffing out the living room and exploring the backyard. By the time I left Sandra’s house that afternoon, I knew Duke would be loved in his new home and that he would do a great job being a companion and protector to Sandra and her family.

I do have to admit, it was a little hard saying good bye to Duke. Knowing that we would be giving him to Sandra to adopt, I had prepared myself the week before hand, spending lots of time cuddling with Duke and telling him what a great foster dog he had been (yes, I’m one of those people that talks to dogs and believe in some way they know what you’re saying). I did my share of crying early hoping it would help me be less of a mess when I would give him to Sandra. For the most part, I was fine. I really didn’t get choked up or anything until I was leaving Sandra’s house. As I was walking out of her house, Duke started to follow me and as I stepped outside he just looked at me and did his cute little head tilt in confusion. It was so adorable and so Duke. I made myself walk quickly to my car and drove home crying, feeling so grateful that we got to spend six months with such a sweet dog. I did a little more crying at home and shamefully finished off a pint of Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough (could I be any more of a girl?). But by the end of that day, I was at peace being back to a one-dog household and excited for him and Sandra.

It’s been great hearing stories from Sandra about Duke. He’s still adjusting a bit, but considering how timid he was at first, I’m not surprised at all that he’s taking things slow. I’m so thankful for how Sandra has been patient with him and having him learn to trust her. I have a feeling these two are going to be quite the dynamic duo and I can’t wait to hear more stories about Duke from Sandra.

We are so thankful for the time we had with Duke. We fostered him for six months, which was much longer than we had expected. But for him, that amount of time was necessary. He was such a timid, scared and bone-thin dog back in February. But now, he’s a beautiful dog with a silly personality and enjoying his own home. As Chip and I sat talking about how we would miss silly Duke we couldn’t help but joke that we started off with a perfect foster dog and how it would probably ruin our expectations for every other foster dog we have. Duke, you sure have set the bar high!

Thanks to care for finding Duke six months ago at ACS and asking us to take him in so he would be saved from being put down. And thanks to everyone who supported us in our first foster dog experience!

Duke six months ago when we first brought him home

Duke ready for his new home!