Homemade Pesto

Overall, our garden has done… alright. Within the last few months, some of the plants have definitely done better than others! One that has been growing like crazy is our three basil plants. Yes, three. When we first planted our garden, we really had no idea how big each individual plant would get. Had we known more, we would have planted just one basil plant (and one rosemary, one squash, etc.). Anyway, with our basil plants growing pretty heartily, I started to look for homemade pesto recipes online. I figured this would be one of the best ways to use as much basil as possible at once. So after some searching, I found this recipe on Pinterest (I did substitute the walnuts with pine nuts).

Thriving pesto

Making pesto was much easier than I had anticipated, so I’m sure we’ll be having more of it! We used some of it tonight in our pasta and had some of our remaining garden tomatoes on our baked chicken (recipe from Healthy in a Hurry – a great cookbook!). Now I’m off to watching more of the women’s gymnastics Olympic team finals!

PS – If anyone in San Antonio wants a basil plant, we would happily part with one of ours. Really, bring a planting pot by and it’s yours!

Ta-da! Homemade pesto!

Garden tomatoes


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