Our first harvest

Our garden is officially producing a small harvest! This past week we enjoyed some fresh tomatoes as well as a large squash from our garden. We have more of these veggies coming and even found some little tiny cantaloupes yesterday. Pretty excited this has been going so well so far and we are excited to be eating more fresh veggies this summer :)

Our first tomato harvest

Fresh squash

Two little cantaloupes!

Hoping to have some homemade marinara sauce from all of these tomatoes

8 thoughts on “Our first harvest

  1. Mr. Fed Up

    Wow, I am jealous. I love my vegetable garden, but I am moving to a new place…so no fresh peppers or eggplant or herbs for several months until my new garden is up and running

      1. Mr. Fed Up

        Yep…I just moved my stuff into the new house…before I figure out the den, bedroom, and kitchen…I first want to figure out where I can plant some peppers! Oh and I HIGHLY recommend spreading some fish emulsion on the veggies. It is basically liquified fish (so it is STINKY), but it makes EVEYTHING grow so much faster and more plentiful…and it is a lot LOT cheaper than most of the other stuff sold at home depot. Just ask any of the staff there and they will show you it.

  2. rmpomeroy

    Congratulations on your lovely harvest!! Mark’s poor herbs are not doing so well under my care . . . need to prune and give them some attention today!

  3. Adria

    Wow!! your garden is beyond great! When can we come over to enjoy these vegetables. Remember it’s a v-e-r-y long flight!!
    You both are doing great and your uncle and I are just so happy for you guys.

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