Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend was a very special weekend. Not only was I getting a four day weekend from work (always love long weekends!) but our good friends Rachel and Mark were in town visiting from Chicago. After both going to Trinity and spending a couple of years here in San Antonio, Mark and Rachel made the move to Chicago last year so Mark could get his MBA at Northwestern‘s Kellogg School of Management. We hadn’t seen them since they moved last summer so we were extremely excited to spend some time together!

Mark and Rachel got into town late last Thursday night and spent some time on Friday hanging out with old friends. We then all met up at Dough for a tasty dinner and as you may know by now, I never turn down a meal at Dough! While we had a good hour wait for our table, the company was wonderful and the weather great (quick thanks to Haley for posting these pictures!).

With Abby, Haley and Rachel at Dough

Matt, Mark, Dylan and Chip at Dough

After dinner at Dough, we went over to Dylan and Abby’s house to play some Phase 10. I’ve never played before and really enjoyed the game. Definitely recommend it for big groups!

Saturday was a long but rewarding day. Matt, Haley, Mark, Rachel and I signed up to help with Redeemer Serves the City, a service day organized by our church Redeemer Presbyterian Church. We were assigned to be on a team together doing some serious landscaping work at the Strong Foundation, a very inspiring ministry here in town. Chip wasn’t able to join us since it was the week before his CFA exam and he needed to take as many practice tests as possible so he spent a good portion of the weekend locked up in the Trinity library. While Chip got going on his studying, the rest of us met up at Matt and Haley’s house early on Saturday morning to load up his truck with all of our garden supplies… we’ve clearly spent a lot of time at Lowe’s!

Behams – we could start a landscaping company

Haley is one with the garden tools

We spent the day at the Strong Foundation focusing on the landscaping in the front of the building, pulling out all of the weeds and planting some new roses. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what the property looked like at the end of the day, but trust me, it looked great!

La Gloria


We all met up again later in the evening for dinner at La Gloria. Chip and I have been there a couple of times, but it had been a good year since the last time we were there. We sat outside on their patio and were blessed by another beautiful evening with nice weather, good food, fun drinks and great conversation.

With Haley and Rachel at La Gloria

On Sunday evening I was able to have a dinner with just Rachel and catch up on how the first year in Chicago went. I admire Mark and Rachel so much as they’ve adjusted to a new city with its different transportation logistics, new friends and new lifestyle as Rachel works full time and Mark excels in grad school. After dinner at La Madeleine, we came back over to our house to watch the Spurs game with everyone. We had a great time cheering them on as they won their playoff game (they just need to get their act together right now….).

For Memorial Day, we had a barbecue over at our house. Mark prepared some tasty burgers, Chip grilled some sausage and vegetables, Haley and Rachel made a delicious angel food cake and I made a pitcher of sangria. Needless to say we all ate a bit too much food! :)

Memorial Day cake!

I know it sounds cheesy, but the weekend really did fly by. We had such a great time with the Behams and the Pomeroys and are so grateful for their friendship!

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. rmpomeroy

    My heart was so full after our visit last weekend, and your beautiful post reminds me of what a wonderful time we had. Love and miss you!

  2. Adria

    I agree with your mom’s comment. You have a great husband, good friends and at the same time helping others. Good Going!!


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