New blog design!

I’ve been wanting to update this blog’s layout for sometime now. I really liked the color scheme I had chosen when I first started this blog, but have been keeping an eye out for a fresh, clean layout. Not sure if it’s spring transitioning into summer or just wanting to keep things simple, but I really wanted a new fresh and crisp layout. I have to admit I spent way too much time trying out different themes and layouts. I would like the colors of some, the font of others and the side bars on something else. In the end, this design had the most of the little features I wanted, so I’m now giving it a shot! Who knows, I could change it again in the next week…. :)

Blog layout before…

Farewell, Bold template

Blog layout after!


3 thoughts on “New blog design!

  1. Adria

    Jessica, I really like your new idea for your blog. I have to agree with everything you say. I love the colors, layout and the fact that It’s different, you did a great job. I just love this picture!!!

  2. the nance familia Post author

    Thanks, Tia! I’m liking this layout more and more so I think I’ll keep it :) And thanks, it’s one of our favorite pictures, too! It’s one of the engagement pictures we took with our wedding photographer West Vita. Hope you have a great weekend!


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