One month garden check

Chip and I planted a garden about a month ago on the side of our backyard. We had been really excited about this project but weren’t sure how successful we would be since neither of us had any garden experience. We were worried that not all of the plants would take root or that the San Antonio weather would slowly kill them off. Fortunately, this garden has completely surpassed our expectations! Everything has really grown and we’re already seeing the signs of some vegetables. We have lots of fun checking out the garden everyday and seeing if anything new has started to sprout (I might do this a little obsessively… haha). We still need to work on the path and lighting down the middle of the garden area, but that will hopefully get done in the next month or so. Here are some pictures of how our garden has come along in the past month!

Our garden one month ago

Our garden today!

Our front squash plant has grown particularly well. We have been so surprised at how it has completely taken over its space and is spilling into our future garden path area! One thing I enjoy about this plant is the shape of its leaves… totally reminds me of the tree stars Little Foot and his friends search for in The Land Before Time, a movie I watched who knows how many times growing up thanks to my brother… haha

Squash plant really growing

Little baby squash!

Can you spot the six tomatoes?

Close up on some of the tomatoes

I can’t forget about the flowers we planted in the garden, too! We planted these a few weeks ago and they are slowly starting to grow. One of my favorites are the pink gerber daisies. Found one of them starting to bloom today!

Gerber daisy

6 thoughts on “One month garden check

  1. chris baer

    Buy a bird net from home depot or lowes and drape it over the tomato plants. If you don’t, as soon as they turn red the birds will get them before you do! Great job!

  2. Adria

    Arnie and I did count your tomatoes and much to our surprise, we counted 7!!! and loved the Gerber Daisy. I had never seen one. We are so happy for you two, and to see how you enjoy married life. We love you both!

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