Mom’s visit to San Antonio!

Someday, my blog posts won’t be so delayed. Not sure when that day will be, so in the meantime I guess my posts will be a couple of weeks behind!

Chip went to a CFA bootcamp at Creighton two weeks ago in preparation for his exam in June. He would be gone from Wednesday afternoon to Monday morning, so my mom came to visit me so I wouldn’t be alone those days (she’s a good Hispanic mom!). I hadn’t seen my mom since March so I was really looking forward to getting four days together.

My mom flew in on Wednesday evening and we had been planning to go to San Marcos on Thursday from some quality mother-daughter time shopping (yes, my Type A mother and I planned out our itinerary in advance for the four days she would be here). Unfortunately, the weather that Thursday was downright awful. There was heavy rain in the morning (which didn’t stop us from going to Anthropologie!), but the storm got pretty intense when we were getting ready to head up to San Marcos. We checked the weather out on our phones and since it looked the storm would be traveling with us towards Austin, we decided to postpone our trip until Friday. We then decided shift some things around in our weekend itinerary and go do some shopping at Home Goods for a few really cute planting pots to use later in the weekend (Saturday, per our schedule).

Planting pots from Home Goods!

Waiting to go to San Marcos on Friday was a very smart decision. The weather couldn’t have been any more different than it had been the previous 24 hours! Whereas Thursday had heavy rain, thunder and lightning, Friday was sunny and gorgeous (and a little humid… oh, well). We got to San Marcos shortly after all the stores opened so we were spared from all of the usual madness and traffic that comes with shopping at the outlets. My mom and I enjoy a good bargain, so we had a great time going to a lot of the stores there. One store we went to for the first time was Tory Burch. They had some awesome stuff and my mom was able to get some really cute outfits!

Post Tory Burch shopping

Stocking up at Lowe’s

After spending most of the day in San Marcos, we made our way back to San Antonio and stopped at one of my favorite stores: Lowe’s! My mom also really enjoys gardening, so we had planned to do a little bit of flower planting together while she was in town. So after stocking up on flowers, succulents, potting soil and mulch, we made our way back home to unload my car from the day’s purchases. Once my car had been emptied out, we took a break to relax and make some yummy fish tacos for dinner (mom, you better make these for dad now! :)). After we ate and rested with the dogs for a bit, it was planting time. We chose to put the pots from Home Goods along the side of the patio where we have a small strip of soil. I had originally planted some blue plumbagos here, but dear Wrigley destroyed them (twice because I was foolish enough to try again) while wrestling with Duke. We figured pots would be more dog-proof, and by figured I mean hoped.

The dogs checking out my mom’s planting skills

Let me tell you, I think I prefer planting flowers in pots than in the actual ground… it’s so much easier! It really felt like we were done in no time at all since we didn’t have any big holes to dig through the rocky Texas soil. Here’s what our finished project looks like:


I am so excited about how this turned out. It really gives our backyard some personality and I love how it filled out this space. And thankfully, Wrigley hasn’t found a way to ruin these flowers! I hope I haven’t spoken too soon… once we got these flowers finished, it was time to get to the succulents. I knew I wanted succulents in our garden area, but had originally been thinking about making a wreath with them. However, that plan was thrown out the window once I saw this cute vegetable planter pot at Home Goods.

Working on the potted succulents

Love it.

Now, my mom and I don’t always have the best depth or quantity perception (just ask my dad about it!). So we accidentally bought too many succulents for the pot pictured above. Instead of returning the succulents we didn’t use, we decided to get a cute hanging basket to put the rest in! So back to Lowe’s we went for this little extra project.

Leftover succulents

On Saturday evening, we went to Picknikins for dinner. We had originally chosen this place because they are dog friendly and we thought it would be a lot of fun to take Wrigley and Duke with us. Unfortunately, poor Duke is still pretty scared of cars and there was no way we could get him in without giving him a panic attack. So we left the dogs to enjoy the backyard while we went out to dinner. We had a great time talking over dinner with wine and sangria (my mom even almost finished her glass of wine! :)).

Wine and sangria with dinner

Sunday was Mother’s Day and my mom’s last full day in town. I was so grateful that I would get to spend this special day with my mom. I sadly can’t remember the last time I got to be with my mom on Mother’s Day as it almost always fell before finals were over at Trinity. Because of this, I really wanted to have a special brunch with my mom. After brainstorming some places, I surprised my mom and made reservations at the Plaza Club. I knew my mom would absolutely love this since this is where Chip and I had our wedding reception. It was a bit surreal being back at the Plaza Club and I definitely caught my mom getting a little emotional a couple of times!

Brunch at the Plaza Club

Our view of downtown at brunch

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our brunch was absolutely delicious. It was probably the best tasting buffet I’ve ever had! We had mimosas and really tasty shrimp, ceviche, caprese salad, crepes, Texas shaped waffles and more… we definitely left feeling very full! We spent the rest of Sunday relaxing and making sure everything would fit back in my mom’s suitcase (that shopping trip to San Marcos made it a little tricky!).

I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with my mom. It’s probably the most consistent amount of time we’ve had with each other since before the wedding and the days together just flew by. Looking forward to the next time I’ll get to see her and my dad!

1 thought on “Mom’s visit to San Antonio!

  1. Yadira

    I had so much fun, especially shopping in San Marcos! I have been telling everyone at work I so wish we had outlet stores like that in Tucson. So grateful to have been able to celebrate Mother’s Day with you and what an amazing brunch! Thank you for making this day (week) so special.



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