Anniversary weekend!

As I mentioned in my last post, Chip and I celebrated our one year anniversary on May 7th. In honor of our first year of marriage, we decided to take a quick weekend trip to Fredericksburg. For those non-Texans out there, Fredericksburg is about an hour outside of San Antonio and is known for its hill country beauty and various wineries. We really hadn’t spent any time in Fredericksburg prior to this trip, except a quick afternoon at Wild Seed Farms last spring, so we thought it would be a great little city to spend some time at for our first anniversary.

Off to Fredericksburg!

We made our way out to Fredericksburg last Saturday 5/5 around noon and went straight to Pedernales Cellars (thanks, Katy, for the recommendation!). While we both love wine, neither of us had ever been to a wine tasting so we didn’t really know what we were in store for. Pedernales has a great and attentive staff and takes walk-ins for tastings, like most of the other wineries in the area. So we made our way over to the wine bar when we got in and met Robert, who guided us through a great first wine tasting! He was extremely informative and descriptive in all of the different tastes to the wines. Pedernales also offers tours of the vineyard every 20 minutes or so, so after our tasting we went on the tour and learned all about the wine making process. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll work on our own vineyard (hopefully in Italy!) :)

Enjoying the patio at Pedernales!

Tour at Pedernales

In true Texas hospitality, the staff at Pedernales encouraged us to check out some of the other vineyards along the highway and recommended Hilmy as well as Four Point O. We couldn’t ignore the advice of the experts, so off we went to these two wineries! Both are fairly new and also had great and attentive staff. We particularly liked Four Point O Cellars and would definitely recommend it to friends. They had a really open design to their space and just provided a great overall experience. We also made a stop at Becker Vineyards afterwards, which is probably the most well-known winery in Fredericksburg.

Afternoon at the wineries!

At Hilmy Cellars

Enjoying our tasting at Four Point O Cellars

Tasting room at Four Point O Cellars

Cellar tour at Becker

After our time at Becker, we made our way to Trois Estates to check in and get ready for dinner. One thing we learned from planning this quick trip was that bed and breakfasts get filled very quickly in Fredericksburg and most reservations should be made a good four weeks out (as opposed to three days). We were so lucky to find an empty room at the lodge at Trois Estates! The property was very pretty and felt like it’s own town, but the stuffed game in the lodge freaked us out a bit…


But there were a lot of cute signs around the property which were perfect since there was a wedding going on that evening!


We drove back into Fredericksburg for dinner and had an extremely delicious meal at Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse. We chose to sit outside and take advantage of the surprisingly pleasant Texas May weather and try to catch a glimpse of the super moon (sadly, we didn’t get to see it!). We both ordered the salmon, which was probably some of the best I’ve ever had. We definitely recommend this restaurant if anyone is looking for a special place to eat!

Dinner in Fredericksburg!

We spent a surprising amount of time Sunday morning trying to find a place for breakfast since most of the brunch spots were for bed & breakfast guests. After driving around for a good 30 minutes, we found Fredericksburg Coffee and Tea and had the best breakfast we could have found! Seriously. It was delicious…

Awesome breakfast

Once we finished breakfast, we went over to Grape Creek Vineyards since it got a lot of recommendations by the other vineyards. The grounds here are absolutely beautiful! Their tagline is “Tuscany in Texas” and they did a great job trying to capture the Italian essence.

Driving into Grape Creek Vineyards

Ready for another wine tasting!

At Grape Creek

After our tasting at Grape Creek, we went to Wild Seed Farms and bought some flowers for our front yard (we still need to plant these…. oops). We had a great time in Fredericksburg and are looking forward to our next trip there!

Anniversary dinner at Dough

The following day (Monday) was our actual anniversary, so we decided to have dinner at one of our all time favorite restaurants: Dough! We’ve gone here several times this past year and love it more each time we go there. The pizza is phenomenal and went perfectly with the last bottle of wine we had left from our honeymoon cruise.

After dinner we went back home to eat our thawed out one-year old wedding cake. We had been excited to try our cake out since we loved it so much the actual day of our wedding (Cathy Young makes some awesome cakes!). Unfortunately, it really didn’t taste that great a year later just like we had been warned… but the dogs didn’t mind! Oh well, we still technically followed the tradition even if we didn’t eat much of it :)

Happy one year anniversary, Chip!!

Chip trying out the cake

The dogs loved it!

1 thought on “Anniversary weekend!

  1. rmpomeroy

    Fun trip! Doing the wine tastings in and around Fredricksburg remains one of my favorite dates Mark and I have ever been on – so much fun!! Yeah, and our cake wasn’t great either, although it’s still fun to pull it out and remember!


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