Garden flowers

Check it out, another yard work related post! haha in all seriousness though, Chip and I have had a great time working together outside on these projects and trying to make our home more and more special. As I mentioned in my last post, we were able to get our vegetable garden planted a couple of weeks ago. Next on the list was getting the flowers planted on the other side of our garden area. So with last weekend upon us, I went to Lowe’s Friday afternoon (our first of four trips there for the weekend) and stocked up on flowers, including different gerber daisies, gardenias, hydrangeas, petunias, marigolds and lavender along with some little white flowers I can’t remember the name of.

We started tilling Friday afternoon, but since we were doing it by hand this time instead of using the awesome, big rented tiller, it took a bit longer than we had anticipated. We also had to be careful since we had a few sprinkler pipes on this side of the garden that we had to keep an eye on. And yes, we did hit one and poor Chip spent a significant part of Friday afternoon trying to fix it (I was able to stain more of the fence during this time since I have absolutely no knowledge on sprinkler systems). Luckily it was all sorted out by mid-day Saturday, so we could get back to tilling and getting the clay dirt out. Then it was on to adding in good garden topsoil and compost, re-tilling and then planting! We still have a little more work to do in this garden, but I think the bulk has been completed. We’re hoping to stain the garden fence in the next couple of weekends as well as work on the center pathway and get some lighting out here. We’re so excited to see how it will all look when the work is completely done! I think we’ll also enjoy having a weekend free to relax more than we have been lately… :)

Pesky sprinkler pipes...

Back to tilling!

My favorite part of yard work - mapping out the plants!

Love the sunny marigolds

So excited Lowe's had hot pink gerber daisies

Flowers planted!

Veggies growing well so far!

2 thoughts on “Garden flowers

  1. Adria

    You Two are “Pros” at this!! I can’t believe how great it all looks, and I have to tell you that “Tio” Arnie was very proud of you and Chip and how you both worked so hard. We can’t wait to see it all grown. Take care and love you both lots!!!

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