Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

Let’s plant a garden

I’m pretty sure I’ve never really planted anything in my life. Growing up in Arizona, I would help my mom try to keep her plants alive… and by help I mean I would occasionally water for her. So needless to say, my green thumb experience is pretty limited. Despite this, one thing Chip and I were really excited about when we first bought our house was to take full advantage of the front and backyard. We loved the idea of spending evenings playing outside with Wrigley, having friends over for barbecues, having fresh cut flowers, etc. However, we haven’t really done anything to our outdoor space yet. By the time we got back from our honeymoon in May, summer was in full swing here in San Antonio and we really didn’t have the time needed to bring this yard to life. We were also hesitant to try planting anything last summer. We didn’t want to waste time or resources trying to get something to grow in the scorching San Antonio summer, during one of the biggest droughts the state has experienced. So we decided to wait until this spring before we got to work on our yard. Instead, we used this time to envision what we would like for our front and backyard. With spring now quickly approaching, we decided it was time to get started on this project. We’re hoping to get new grass and flowers in our front yard and grass and a small garden in the backyard. Since this is going to be a lot of work, we thought it would be smartest to start out with the garden I was planning to have, instead of spending days tilling the yard, laying down compost and soil and then try to get some grass in and possibly doing various steps of this process incorrectly or inefficiently. So my little garden is officially our test project for the rest of our yard work :)

Garden Space - Before

There’s a small patch off the side of our back patio that is going to be the perfect little space for this garden. It gets a great balance of sunlight and shade, so hopefully our plants won’t melt away during the summer. I’m hoping to get some flowers, vegetables and a few spices here (we’ll see how it goes!). As you can see, the soil here isn’t the best. Since my gardening knowledge is near non-existent, I spent some time after church on Sunday at Arbolito’s Nursery to learn the best process for getting a good garden started. The staff there was extremely helpful and very patient in all of my Gardening 101 questions. Based on their guidance, Chip and I spent some time Sunday afternoon spraying this area down with Round Up so we can kill off the weeds that are currently residing in this space so they hopefully don’t come back when we plant everything. Since we were spraying these chemicals out on the ground, we had to block off this area so the dogs wouldn’t get sick. Looks classy, right? :)

Preparing the garden area

We’re really excited to get going on this garden and eventually the rest of the yard. If this nice weather continues, we could be ready to start tilling the soil here as soon as this coming weekend. Wish us luck!!

Mountain laurel giving us hope for our garden

The dogs imagining a grassy backyard... they'll have to wait just a little bit longer!