Curtain Call

I am a pretty big fan of curtains. Chip… not so much. It took a bit of convincing to get him to agree to some olive green curtains in our bedroom, so I knew it would take some work to have him agree to some red curtains in our living room. Luckily, this was an easier task than the other curtains were! Here’s a little bit of background to how we got to our living room curtains… to start with, neither one of us are fond of the miniblinds our home came with, so we’re hoping to get them all replaced throughout the house some day. They’re fairly flimsy and the ones in the front living room were really taking a beating from our sheriff Wrigley. One of his favorite spots in the house is on the couch while looking out the front living room window like this:

Sheriff Wrigley on duty

Wrigley takes his sheriff duties very seriously growling or barking at any movement he sees. Heaven forbid a squirrel or the mailman cross our lawn without his permission! The biggest perpetrators were the stray cats of the neighborhood. Nothing gets him riled up as much as a cat strolling across our front lawn and basking in the sun. In these instances, Wrigley will lose all composure and lunge forward onto the window and in the process has torn up our miniblinds leaving us with this:

Blinds post-Wrigley

This picture really doesn’t capture just how terrible our blinds looked. We hated how the bottom quarter of our front windows looked so… not classy. Really, it was slightly embarrassing whenever we had people over. We really wanted to do something about this sooner rather than later, but knew that updating all of our window fixtures will take some time to save up for. So in the meantime, I came up with a solution. Take these destroyed blinds down and put curtains up (genius, right??). So with this decision made, we went to Lowe’s and bought some curtains after spending an hour at Hobby Lobby last Saturday for my Pinterest project. It wasn’t until this weekend that we actually had time to put them up, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Farewell, old blinds

First up was getting the flimsy blinds out of here! We were probably more excited about this part of the project than we should have been, but we were so ready to see these things go. It was really easy to take these down, so now we just need to practice self-control on not taking the rest of the miniblinds down throughout the house until we can save up for new window treatments.

With these blinds down, it was now time to put up the base layer of sheer curtains. We wanted to have this sheer layer so we could still have sunlight come into the house during the day without having our little house on full display to the outside world. Now I would like to use this time to brag about what an awesome job Chip did on getting these curtains up. This was the smoothest project we’ve done in our home so far; we didn’t have to re-drill any holes and got this done much more quickly than I had anticipated, which is saying a lot since I tend to have some crazy, unrealistic expectations about projects. :)

Getting started on the curtains

With the sheer layer up, it was time to hang up the rods for the accent red curtains. We chose this color since our throw pillows in this room have red accents and we thought it would be a great way to add color and warmth to the rest of the room. Here’s what part of the living room looks like now with the completed curtains! (I couldn’t get a full shot of the room…) We’re so happy with how this turned out and love how it has really given the finishing touch to this room. One room down, several more to go :)

Hooray for curtains!

5 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. rmpomeroy

    Good job! Curtains definitely go a long way towards warming up a room and making it look finished . . . even if they are a pain to get up there!

  2. Yadira

    Love how this looks! Great choice on the curtains too. So enjoyed your pictures on the transformation of your living room.

  3. debbie

    I love it! They look great! I should have had Tim hang ours… then maybe we wouldn’t have ten extra holes by each side of the curtain rod. :) Your blog is so fun!

    1. the nance familia Post author

      Thanks, Debbie! We definitely have a few extra holes in our bedroom from when we hung up those curtains… Adds some character to the walls, right? haha glad we finally have the process figured out now!

  4. Adria

    I love how it all looks, great colors how it all blends so nice!! Just tell your “sheriff” he needs to take care of that window!!


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