First Pinterest project complete!

Over the past couple of months, I have become slightly addicted to the website Pinterest. It’s to the point where my day doesn’t feel complete until I’ve spent at least 10 minutes quickly perusing the new pins and pictures. When I first started using Pinterest, I quickly started a craft/DIY board, but didn’t really know which project to start with. So one evening, I showed Chip the different projects I was interested in, knowing he would encourage me and hold me accountable to trying some of these out. It was no surprise to me when my take initiative, problem solver husband immediately said “let’s go to Lowe’s after church on Sunday and buy this stuff.” That was the kick in the butt I needed to pick a project! So with that, I decided to start with this jewelry organizer I had found on the website:

Pinterest inspiration

Now up until this project, I had my jewelry spread out over two different jewelry boxes and one earring rack on our bedroom dresser. It’s slightly ridiculous these three different items were holding my jewelry considering I don’t even have that much jewelry to start with. This also meant that our dresser was a little cluttered with these three items, something that I’m sure irked Chip more than he let on :) It also meant that if I wanted to wear something different from my everyday jewelry, I would have to go through these different boxes to find something in particular. I know that doesn’t sound like it would take a lot of effort and I may seem slightly dramatic over this work, but since my jewelry is the last part of my getting ready routine, I would usually forgo looking for a certain pair of earrings or necklace and just wear my everyday jewelry so I would have time to eat breakfast or make sure all of my stuff was packed up for work.

Now unfortunately, the picture I loved above didn’t have a tutorial or anything attached to it like most Pinterest pins do, so we had to figure this out a bit on our own (I’m so thankful Chip helped me with this!). With that, we spent a good hour at Hobby Lobby last Saturday and bought some burlap, a staple gun and different drawer handles and knobs (for anyone wanting to do a project like this, I recommend going to Hobby Lobby because they are always having sales – most of these items were 30-50% off). We then went to Lowe’s to get a piece of wood and some screws to help get all of these items on the board.

Wrigley likes Pinterest projects, too

So the first thing we did when we finally got home after our shopping trip was wrap the wood in burlap and staple it in place. I had originally thought we could use hot glue or fabric glue to get the burlap on, but turns out I was wrong which is why we went the staple gun route – good thing we bought as a “just in case” at Hobby Lobby! Once we got the burlap on I spent a bit of time trying to figure out where each handle and pull knob should go. At this point in the project, we realized that all of the screws for these pieces were longer than the thickness of the board, so we would have to figure out a different way to get these on. Chip volunteered to go to Lowe’s for some options and came back with some gorilla glue, which proved to get the job done perfectly.

Figuring out the layout for the board

Everything glued down

Once we let the pieces sit in the gorilla glue for a couple of hours (weighed them down with my old marketing textbooks to make sure they really stuck) it was time to figure out how to get this board up on our bedroom wall. We had bought some small hanging brackets at Lowe’s, but they were too small to go through the burlap and on to the wood on the back of the board. So instead, I cut some pieces of the leftover burlap and braided them into a handle and stapled in onto the back. Only think left to do was to hang it up in our room and put up my jewelry!

Finished jewelry board!

I have to admit, I’m pretty proud with how it turned out! I would still like to try to add some trim ribbon to it at the top, but haven’t found any yet that I really like so this will have to wait for now. I also love how practical this board is. Now I can easily see all of my jewelry while I get ready, instead of having to look through the three different places I had been storing everything. So now I have a pretty board with my jewelry and Chip has a more clutter-free dresser. And yes, I’m already picking out my next Pinterest project :)

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