Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

Wall Art

Check it out… a non-dog related post! :) All joking aside, one thing I enjoy writing about almost as much as my dog posts is house projects. It’s probably the task-oriented side of my personality coming through!

I have to admit, it’s been a slower process than I had expected to finish setting up our house. I also now realize that I had very unrealistic expectations on what this process was going to be like. In my mind, it originally seemed very likely that we would have everything completed in our house by the end of summer, giving us a couple of months to get this done. That goal soon changed to “by Thanksgiving,” which has now changed to “eh, it will all be done some day!” We got most of our furniture set up pretty quickly when we moved in after our wedding, but I really think it takes having items up on the walls to make a room feel complete. So after slowly putting things up over the last nine-ish months, we got a little more serious the other weekend and put up a bunch of items.

While we were on our honeymoon, Chip and I bought several paintings from different street vendors. We didn’t realize that it would be such a project to get these canvases framed! (please click here for the story on our learning process) Anyway, we finally got these paintings framed at Hobby Lobby and were so excited to finally get these up on our walls.


The first one we put up was the painting we bought in Florence, Italy. We chose to put this one up in our front living room since the overall colors here are lighter, so we thought the wood frame would match the space well. We also had a very large wall free of any type of art or pictures so this larger painting seemed like a good way to utilize that wall.

Here’s what this side of the front living room looks like now:

One side of the living room

We already had one of our wedding canvases up on the other side of the room, but I felt that it looked empty on its own. So after a very long process of convincing Chip that sconces would look great on the wall, we finally put them up!

Wedding canvas and sconces

Next up was working on the office… we chose to put up one of our favorite paintings from our honeymoon up in here, which is an image of the canals of Venice. This really was one of our favorite cities from the cruise, so this painting means a lot to us. We also had some free hanging shelves/cubes from Target that we wanted to put up in here. I’m pretty sure Chip is someday going to ban be from buying more shelving from Target since the last couple of ones have been big pains to hang up correctly. But luckily he was very patient with me and got everything up perfectly :) We also had a couple of framed pictures of San Antonio we received from our friend Peter for our wedding that we wanted to have up in this room. Peter took these pictures himself and we love how they capture some of the city’s landmarks.


Diligently reading the hanging instructions

Office wall

There is also one other very special item hung up in our office. It’s a painting of Wrigley! One of our good friends, Christie, is an extremely talented artist and did this painting herself based off of one of our favorite pictures of Wrigley. She did an absolutely wonderful job and we wholeheartedly believe it captures his curious spirit perfectly.

Hey, Wrigley!

Another talented friend of ours also gave us a painting for our wedding, which is shown below on the left (our friends are so artistically gifted!). Lindsay, we can’t tell you how many compliments this gets hanging in our dining room! It honestly strikes up way more conversation than the painting on the right does, which is one that we had bought in Rome.

Dining room art

We still have two more paintings left that need to be put up, but we’re saving them for the guest room/entertainment room. We just need to work on furnishing that room first!