Inside every good dog…

Yes, another dog post… apologies to those who aren’t the biggest dog lovers, I really didn’t realize so much of this blog’s content would be centered on our four legged friends! :)

With that said, this post will be a short one. I recently saw this commercial on TV the other day and absolutely love it. It’s so simple and beautiful, showing all of those special dog moments we love in our pets. Whether it’s napping lazily on a couch or doggie bed, to trying to figure out how to play with a new toy, to being a service dog, I truly believe that all dogs can bring people joy. So sit back and enjoy this feel-good spot from Purina. The tagline really hits it all on the head: Inside every good dog is a great dog.

3 thoughts on “Inside every good dog…

  1. Adria Espalter

    Too Cute!! I don’t mind reading about your “four legged” friends. These four legged friends are just that ” friends” actually they are more than friends, more like our children!! It’s a shame they don’t understand the meaning of “time-out”

  2. Yadira

    Thanks for sharing this link. I haven’t seen it on tv and it is an amazing commerical that reminds us of just how great dogs are :)


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