Five years ago…

Five years ago, I met this guy named Chip. It was January 27, 2007 and we were on the side of the highway picking up trash. No worries, we weren’t on probation or anything! :) We were actually participating in an event with Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed national service fraternity at Trinity we were both members of during undergrad. As a service fraternity, one of the mandatory events for every semester was to participate in Adopt a Highway. There were usually two instances to get these hours done over the course of the semester and Chip and I happened to choose the same one to volunteer at. While the turnout for each semester’s first Adopt a Highway was usually low, in this instance we had more people than normal so we were asked to team up while collecting trash as there weren’t enough gloves to go around for everyone to wear. So the person with the glove would be in charge of picking up the trash while the other person would carry the trash bag. I had gone to Adopt a Highway that morning with some friends, but somehow ended up walking with Chip at some point. Like a true gentleman, he without question started carrying my garbage bag whenever it would get too heavy. Romantic, right? :) I thought he was a bit of a showoff at first; while carrying the garbage bag he would also pick up trash with a stick he had found along the way, showing he was too cool to use a glove to pick up trash. Who did this guy think he was, spearing trash into a bag? haha Once we introduced ourselves to each other, it was clear we had a fair amount in common – we were both business majors, both had younger brothers, both grew up Catholic and were both very big fans of baseball. Our morning of picking up trash together soon led to having lunches in Mabee Dining Hall, going to church together and by Valentine’s Day we were out on our first date together. Now, we’ve been married for a little over eight months now… time sure has flown by! :)

Technically, this is our very first picture together. So flattering...

3 thoughts on “Five years ago…

  1. rmpomeroy

    Where did you find that picture?! That’s pretty good . . . :) I can’t believe it was that long ago. I remember you coming back and telling me all about it! Ah, such good memories!

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