Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

Happy birthday, Wrigley!!

Today was our little Wrigley’s second birthday! Well, this is our best guess at his birthday. Since he was found as a stray, we don’t know his official date of birth, but January 15th is our vet’s best guess. And because we love dogs and have a special place in our hearts for this terrible canine, we have this date marked on our calendars so we can celebrate. Unfortunately for Wrigley, we didn’t get to do much for his first birthday (we had a bit on our plate planning a wedding!) so we definitely wanted to do something for him this time around. So I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen yesterday baking him his favorite peanut butter biscuit treats. It may sound strange, but I’m convinced that he knows these biscuits are for him whenever I bake them. He always sits or lays in the kitchen a little more attentively while I bake these!

Birthday treats for Wrigley!

Now for those that know Wrigley, you know that he is an absolute sucker for food. He’ll eat anything, and that’s not an exaggeration. In his two years of living, he’s eaten everything from bell peppers to asparagus, crackers to chocolate cookies (that was a fun evening at the vet…), Cheerios to chicken. Some of his favorite foods are breakfast foods so for his birthday we gave him a little something extra in his morning bowl of dog food – scrambled eggs, bacon and his beloved peanut butter treats. Let’s just say he ate his food very quickly this morning! :) This may explain why he was so lethargic and ready to nap this afternoon!

Birthday breakfast

Wrigley also got a few gifts from his cousins, Jake and Penny, from back in Arizona (I’m sure some people think we’re pretty strange right about now, doing so much for a dog’s birthday! But dogs really are like family to us :)). He’s now obsessed with his new frisbee he got today and carries it around like this…

New frisbee

… which means he  bumped into a few things today!

Happy birthday to our little buddy, Wrigley!! Having a constantly loving, friendly and warm companion impacts our marriage in such a positive way. We are so thankful for our dog and how much joy he bring to both of us. Here’s to hoping for a year without any emergency vet trips :)